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Approved NPC Black Dragon Legion

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тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂


Intent: To Create A Personal Army (Satia The Cruel) / Ord Biniir Military

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[SIZE=9pt]The Ascendancy Academy[/SIZE]
[SIZE=9pt]Ord Biniir Science Facility[/SIZE]


Unit Name: Black Dragon Legion

Affiliation: Satia The Cruel(Darth Sarcophago)

Classification: Army


Heavy Infantry: Armor l Rifle l Helmet

Light Infantry: Armor l Rifle l Helmet l Napalm Grenade

Demolitions: Armor l Rifle l Helmet l Napalm Grenade

Vehicles: Walker l Walker l Assault Tank l Artillery

Air Support: Bomber l Fighter l Dropship


Availability: Common

Deployment: Mass

Strengths & Weaknesses:

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]Smash Mouth: As a cohesive army, they fight with a ferocity and tenacity take makes them a hard hitting army. They will plow through anyone or anything that dares to stand in their path.

Highly Trained: The training at the Ascendancy Academy grants them high levels of warfare knowledge such as tactics and formations. Through their training, they can adapt to any situation with little to no confusion.

Mine Is Not To Reason Why: They follow orders with complete absolution, never questioning regardless of the situation or potential outcome.

Clone Lives Don't Matter: Despite all the efforts to prevent this concept, they are still clones; and not actual "people". The clones are aware of how differently they are treated, especially in times of conflict when they are sent into the most dangerous situations with little to no back-up from non-cloned personnel. This leads to morality issues and heavy disciplinary actions as a result of the morality issues.


Upon being appointed Governor of Ord Biniir, Satia The Cruel's first order of business was to utilize the cloning facility available to her. Without a proper stand alone military to defend Ord Biniir, and to alleviate the strain on the TSA military forces stationed on Ord Biniir, she ordered the creation of a cloned army. To add some diversity to the clone army, she chose ten individuals from the TSA military to donate their DNA to the cloning facility.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]However, the cloned army was to be her personal army on both Ord Biniir and during times of war for the TSA throughout the galaxy; with the army constructed to follow only her orders, a dangerous game she played with the Circle of Lords. Despite her undying loyalty to the Sith Ascendancy, their were some who viewed her creation of this clone army with skepticism.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]The clones would be transported to Bastion, to attend the Academy for proper training. By doing this, she attempted to alleviate some of the concerns from those wary of her cloned army and to give the clones a top-notch training core. Also, by pairing her clones with the other non-cloned cadets in the Academy, she hopped bonds between the two groups would form; discarding any potential notions of superiority or discrimination between the two, a lesson in history she studied from the times of the Clone Wars.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]During the training of the initial set of clones, Satia contacted several companies to purchase mass produced equipment, military vehicles, and aerial crafts for the army. The three types of armor she chose, she paid those companies to create a singular design based off their original concept; giving her army it's own unique look. The credits she used to pay for this came from the stocks she invested in the facilities and complexes in the[SIZE=9pt] Industrial District [/SIZE]and from the coffers affronted to her by the appointment of her Governorship.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]With everything set in motion, she needed a name. Recalling her visit to Tattooine, where her Master gave her one final test before Knighthood, she had been tasked with facing and killing a Krayt Dragon. Remembering the ferocity and relentless mentality of the dragon, she chose to honor those legendary beasts; coupling that with the color of the armor to call the army the Black Dragon Legion.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]The Black Dragon Legion is a smash mouth military, with three aspects of the infantry. The heavy infantry are the heavy hitters, marching through the fields of battle toward their objectives without regard to causalities. They're main function is to break the lines of the enemy, and kill as many as possible. The light infantry use lesser protected armor, allowing them to move quickly. At times they march with the heavy infantry, but their main function is to act like snipers, skirmish-liners, and to complete objectives that are sensitive in nature. The demolition infantry is just that, demolish everyone and everything in their way. They also add support to both the heavy and light infantry where the war machines can't reach such as close quarters combat.

[SIZE=9pt]​[/SIZE]To prevent the loss of her army if Ord Biniir fell, the records associated with this project have been listed as "labor force" attached to several ghost companies, with multiple personas played by her minions. The entire project was paid in full, and in the event of Ord Biniir switching hands, the clones are still produced and transported in stasis to locations associated with the ghost companies; where she can retrieve them at timing of her choosing.
[member="Satia the Cruel"]

Satia the Cruel said:
Therefore, their lives are thrown away easily during conflicts of war and battle.
Unless they are acutely aware of this fact and are prone to morale and discipline problems as a result, this is not much of an actual weakness. You will need to replace or update it.
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