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BioNet Systems

BioNet Systems

  • Corporation Name: BioNet Systems
  • Headquarters: Mygeeto
  • Locations: Phaeda
  • Operations: Droids, Clones, Experimental/Prototype Technology (Anything but Ships or Vehicles, Unique one-off designs)
  • Tier: 2
BioNet Systems not really having any real meaning or reasoning for its name, only being made for official use. Biological and Networking for artificial and biological mapping, nodes, construction and mobility, whether organic or not. BioNet Systems was created by a medical Droid with near-free thought, put on a mission by 'the Doctor,' or his original creator, to put humanity (arguably intelligent & organic life in general) first. Organic lifeforms are fragile and chaotic, they wage senseless wars and are damaged by the smallest of impacts. BioNet Systems looks to improve organic life, either by providing better security and assistance, or advancing the frail bodies of the Galaxy. Improve your body today.

The facilities used for the Company are actually old and abandoned facilities held by 'the Doctor' from Vixley's past. Coordinates and discovery led him to find the manufacturing facility, while he was awaken in the cloning and experiment laboratory. While one creates machines, another experiments further into genetics and cybernetics while also aiding in clone research. With Vixley's limited research, and his assistance for those such as the Sith, Mandalorians, and others, he has been able to rebuild these facilities and put them into working condition.

  • None
Parent Corporation: None

Alric Kuhn

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