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Bio-fueled Ideas

Biofuels were what Savitor needes for Vanguard Industries's next big project. A space station that was as self sustainable as possible. Te market for them might not be massive. But there would doublessly be some who would want them. As such, Savitor had been looking for Biofuel companies, the first one he found had seemed adequate, more than enough so. As such he sent a letter to the owner of the company, [member="Judah Dashiell"], to request a meeting.

To: Judah Dashiell
From: Savitor Draay
RE: A buissness opportunity

-Mr. Dashiell, it has come to my ttention that you own a company that produces Biofuels. I may have need of some help from your corporation regarding a future product of my company. If you are interested in meeting me, please reply. Thank you.

--Savitor Draay, owner and CEO of Vanguard Industries,

To : [member="Savitor Draay"]
RE : Re : A Business opportunity

Mr. Draay,

Thank you for your message and your interest in biofuels. Salacia Consolidated is equipped to make a custom item for your company if you so desire, or one of our many pre-existing products may fit the bill. Either way a meeting sounds acceptable so your needs can be addressed for your future project.

I am not sure of your current location or where you would like to meet. I have no issues meeting you at the project site or we can meet at one of several Salacia locations. The choice is yours.

To: [member="Judah Dashiell"]
RE: A buissness opportunity

Apolagies for not previously including this information. I am located at the site of the old Jedi Temple on Taris, I hope the location is suitable for you, if not we can meet some where else.

-Savitor Draay
[member="Savitor Draay"]

Old Jedi Temple? On Taris? Didn't even know there was one there. Judah scratched his head, having never been to Taris. He would get his assistant to look into the exact location he was supposed to be at it. Wouldn't be too much of an issue. He depressed a a button to speak to his assistant, already having her comb through company locations on the planet.

Re:RE: A Business Opportunity

Taris is just fine. I will arrive in one galactic week from this date.
[member="Savitor Draay"] | Taris | Vanguard Industries, HQ

Judah had no idea that Taris was one large city. For some reason he had been picturing grasslands but had probably just gotten a planet name or two mixed up in his head. He had landed the Sirena at the docking bay issued to him by Vanguard Industries, butting up against their headquarters. He wasn't sure where to head to next. Hands in his pockets, Judah waited a moment, looking up at the skyscrapers for a few minutes.

Settling on a plan of action, he made his way to a pair of double doors off to the docking bay. Might as well wander around until he found where he needed to be.

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