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Berserker Stim

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The Crashing Loony
Intent: To give non-force wielders like The Shadowlord a small edge over lightsabers and force wielders in general
Development Thread: (Not mandatory on creation, but helps give insight to a submission and shows effort. If not included, depending on the submission, a development thread might be asked for before final judgement)
Manufacturer: NearCo
Model: N/A
Affiliation: The Shadowlord
Modularity: ... No
Production: Mass-produced
Material: glass, metal, and a mood altering stimulant
Description: A toxin that, when enough adrenaline is exerted, increases the imbiber's all around power and ferocity 10 fold until either the user is dead or the adrenaline is all gone, whichever comes first. The drug works rather like a D&D Barbarian's rage, as in it increases the durability, rage, and power of the user, however, it can only be used once per stim. When the drug takes effect, it makes it harder to tell who is friend and who is foe for about 5 minutes, and when that effect is over, the user gets very tired, which if the situation that this was used during was an ongoing combat scenario, can be devastating.

Darron Wraith

Honor | Duty | Courage
Hey there bud, I'm going to throw a few things out there to be addressed before this can be approved ok? :)

  • How does it give an advantage to those who use the force? As this is an adrenal based drug from what I've read, it doesn't give any added benefits besides activating the flight-or-fight response which doesn't really give an advantage over those who can feel all life around them/battle precognition.
  • How does it provide a small edge of beams of energy?(lightsabers)
  • It's usually best to wait for your company to be approved before submitting it's products. :)
  • Please flesh out the template further.
  • Under material, you should list what is in the toxin that makes it act that way. Such as: adrenal based drug, stimulants. Whatever cocktail of drugs you mixed to make this context.
  • This description is incredibly lacking, and doesn't make much sense from a medical perspective. I'd like you to look up adrenaline over dose, and it's affects on the human body. Have you also accounted for what it might do to other races, or how it works from cross-race use? How does it work in conjuction with adrenaline if it causes you to produce more? How is your ferocity increased? Is this a mood altering drug?
  • I'll need some more flaws with a submission like this, as you only state that harm comes from "until the user is dead" That's not a real specific side effect, and I'm going to need something far more substantial than this.

Please take what I have said and modify this submission accordingly so we can continue on, or I will deny it if left as is.
Not open for further replies.