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Benjamin Erinhart

Name: Benjamin Erinhart
Rank: mayor of a Commenor city
Species: human
Sex: Male
Age: 37
Skin: White
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Heiget: 6'6"
Weight: 163 lbs
Force sensitive: no
Strengths/ Weaknesses:
+ As a veteran of the Wars with the One Sith, Erinhart has lots of combat experience, and is skilled with blasters, tactics, and hand to hand combat.
+ With his constant headache and multiple wounds suffered in battle, Erinhart no longer cares about most physical pain and is very tough. While he feels the pain, it is dampened for him, and he does not show any pain, rarely showing emotion.
+/- Erinhart is ambitious, seeking to gain a position of power from which he can help thousands of innocents who have had to face the consequences of galactic politics.
+/- Due to his compassionate nature, Erinhart hates those who harm innocents with a passion
After the battles he fought against the one sith, Erinhart is traumatized, being diagnosed with PTSD a month after leaving the armed forces.
constantly in pain, and often blinded by hatred for those who harm innocents, Erinhart is easily angered.
Appearance: tall and gangly, possesses a commanding, sometimes off setting, sometimes inspiring presence. Wears formal clothes, really seen without gloves. Has a trench coat he wears nearly constantly, and is never seen without his black band, which covers a scar from a wound he receive in battle.
Bio: born on corusant to a wealthy family, Erinhart grew up well educated. His parents instilled in him ideals of compassion, and he grew to hate those who spilled innocent blood. So, when given he chance, he ran off to fight the one sith. During his campaigns, he received many wounds, including a shrapnel piece to his forehead. During the surgery to remove the shrapnel, He remained conscious, taking notes on the surgery while watching through a mirror. Throughout the war, his hatred against those who harm innocents grew, especially against governments who did not care for their civilians. After the one sith collapsed, Erinhart left the military with the rank of Major. For a time, Erinhart wandered the galaxy, eventually settling down on Commenor, were he had fought years before. Eventually he was elected to the position of mayor, beloved for his helping the common man, and for being a populist.
Ship: none

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