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Benci Ralv: DJJJJJJ Extraordinaire

Name: Benci Ralv
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Faction: Rebel Alliance
Job: Smuggler, Hacker, Radio DJ Extraordinaire

Genius when it comes to most things tech (particularly involving communications), Has an odd charisma about him that brings out listeners from all corners of the galaxy

Weaknesses: EXTREEEMMELLY Unpredictable, Almost permanently zoinked

Biography: Born on Corellia to two (wealthy) loving parents, Benci enjoyed a childhood that would no doubt leave countless others jealous and or dumbfounded at his quality of life. Young Benci grew up with almost anything he could ask for at his fingertips. And what you may ask dear reader would such a child ask for? Computers! Thousands of kilobytes of information storage and the absolute cutting edge in security software. Mostly because of the inspiration of ancient tales of certain droids who saved heroes through technological wizardry. His father who was mostly inactive in Benci's life was all too happy to buy his extremely technologically inclined son with such trinkets to keep him pacified. Leading such a life led Benci to have an overly introverted childhood, being branded a future innovator by teachers and a complete outcast by fellow classmates.

By his teenage years Benci had used his father's name to invest heavily in Corellian stock, to the point where he didn't need his father's income at all. As such, he began to do literally whatever he wanted, almost ignoring his family entirely. Certain urges convinced the sheltered teen to pursue an active social life at his private school. He was surprisingly successful. Benci's quick wit, silver tongued vocabulary, and natural charm amazed almost all who'd previously ridiculed him. The few that continued found themselves the victims of a surprisingly thorough identity thief and soon found themselves too busy to do much else. It was in these twilight teen years that Benci was introduced to spice.

Spice quickly became an over encompassing force in Benci's life, causing him to make strange decisions and hallucinate more often than those around him would like. He successfully completed a bachelor's in Advanced Holonet Programing and Theory while barely ever attending said classes. The majority of his collegian years were spent getting high and wandering about with his close knit group of "friends" who shared his habit. He continued like this for a number of years, living off of his investments and other scams he dreamed up.

Until he had a vision!

One night while roaming about Benci saw a great battle playing out among the stars. Good and evil clashed! The sky erupted with color.

It was them Benci decided that maybe he needed a purpose. Sith? No. OP? No. Republic? No.

He'd seen so much negative data on nearly every faction imaginable during his time on the nets. He refused to join a tainted cause. He felt his search futile until the fateful day when he came across isolated reports of a new faction, gunning for it's own purposes. Almost purely noble. Benci made an effort to contact the group and proudly assists his new comrades whenever he can. He runs a Holonet Video/Radio show from his Freighter: BATS (A YGX-2350 with some serious comms hardware) and continues to fuel his habit while trying to save the galaxy from evil. EVVVVIIILLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Relations: Cousin, @[member="Dris Negan"]