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Approved Location Beggars Row

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  • Landmark Name: Beggars Row
  • Classification: Street/Slum
  • Location: Nar Shaada
  • Affiliation: The Crimson Devil Cartel
  • Size: Huge
  • Population: Heavy
  • Demographics: Rodian, Hutt, Dug, Human, Droid, Trandoshan, Aqualish,
  • Accessibility: Public
  • Description: Beggars Row at a glance looks like another slum, except it isn't. It is the slum. Trash, speeder bikes, gangs, and store fronts both black market and legit litter the landscape. It is a term used to describe a very long street packed with a myriad of species and places to frequent. One such place is the Red Draft Cantina, HQ of the Crimson Devil Cartel (Red Devil Cartel). For a long time the street has been a haven of scum and villainy, a place where folks go to buy what they cant elsewhere or to simply disappear in the dense population of mixed species.

  • Red Draft Cantina: The HQ of the Crimson Devil Cartel as well as central watering hole with the most seating cpacity. The Red Draft is s taple in the center of the street.
  • Caligans Wares: A black market stall where on can find pretty much anyhting. From disruptors to bio hazardous wares, Caligans has what you need. Double price if it's illegal
  • Warwicks Deli: The best sandwiches in town, Warwicks has any number of meats and delicacies to suit your tastes. They also may or may not have a bio weapons lab in the back. Eat at your own risk
  • Daravans Mechanics: Need something fixed? If you need it done right now with no delay the Rodian Daravan has got you. Just don't expect that baby to hold together for too long. No refunds, all items fixed and sold as is as seen.
  • Sector 65 Housing block: The cheapest apartments in town. One bedroom, ridden with parasites and mold. Hundreds of folks call it home and also blame it for their myriad of medical problems. What did you expect from a smuggler/shanty town?


There's not much history recorded about Beggars Row other than its oral history. It has always been a haven for the lower classes and the corrupt. Initially it was a well to do trading hub in Nar Shaada before the Gulag Plague. After the galaxy fell into chaos and the planetary government ceased to exists the Hutt's moved in. It was liberated sometime after the Omega event by the Crimson Devil Cartel and it's central hub the Red Draft served as their HQ. It has always been known for racketeering, theft, murder and other such things. Since the Cartel took it over not much has changed, except you see a lot more bike races these days.
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Wow, sorry, I thought I had reviewed these already and was waiting for edits.

I've read this again and I can't see anything amiss. Sorry about that. This is approved, pending secondary.

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