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Be very afraid

So with Vengeance retired never to see the light of day again I have Soryn here to play around with. Not really looking to jump into any major story arcs at the moment. I want to ease him into the galaxy.

The idea I have for him is more Dark Jedi than Sith. He is an Orphan with no clue who his parents are or where he came from. The idea is that his parents and everyone who new his parents are dead.

He has the social graces of a Wolverine, the animal not the Comic book character, and fights daily with murderous urges. Think Jack the Ripper but without the pretense of medicine. He knows he is a monster, likes it, and feels no need to pretend otherwise.............ever.

His interest Force ability wise is in minor uses of Force Cloak, Drain Force, Drain Knowledge, and Drain Life. This is flexible of specific abilities but along the lines of those ideas. Going full Sith or hired Assassin archetype is not really my goal for him but they may change if needed.

Soryn is by nature Chaotic Evil. He only cares about himself and fulfilling his needs and baser desires.

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