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Approved Tech BC-RT 1900 Portable Shield

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  • Portable System Structure Reinforcement and Shield protector
  • Portable System Structure Reinforcement and Shield protector with smaller link ups to create structure reinforcement and shield protection.
  • Through Lightbridge and SSH Technology, able to reinforce areas with tunnels such as subways or similar and can provide maximum protection comparable to high-grade portable shields.
  • Plastiray provides increased resistance to electricity, EMP, and Ion weaponry due to its electrical resistance.
Weaknesses :
  • Requires the deployment of smaller link ups in a chain for coverage. Can be bulky and heavy if requiring many link ups to protect an area.
  • Timed activation requires a two-second bootup, as this is not an instant deployment.

Browncoat Arms decided to take current technology and enhance it to provide a method of ensuring the protection of civilians and assets in underground facilities much like those in the subway stations on Skor. It was found out that due to orbital strikes, many of these subway systems became unstable and had tunnels collapse. As such, a portable shield upgraded technology would allow the reinforcement and security of personnel in such subway systems or similar to ensure that such large casualties never would happen again.

A solid-state hologram was a hologram that utilized a low-level energy field to contain a high level of extremely dense photons, resulting in "solid light" that could have direct interaction with material objects. While "light Technology" consisted of technology much like a light bridge or lightbridge. It generated solid-light walkways sturdy enough to stand on and cross. Another example of such is a Light Shield, which uses the same principles as the lightsaber, and could deflect both lightsabers and blaster bolts.

Enhancements and combined with shield technology created a new enhanced model. While entirely situational its usefulness, the shield is capable of taking a massive amount of damage, comparable to the shields found on most smaller starships. This is achieved through the BC-RT 1900's massive power source and the fact that it is entirely stationary. It allows the shield to functionally become a bulwark against all around it. Of course the shield and structure reinforcements can still be penetrated by sufficient force, but to do so would take quite a bit of doing. Proprietary Plasitray provides enhanced resistance to electricity, EMP, and Ion weaponry due to its electrical resistance.
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