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Approved Starship Battlecruiser: The QueensGuard

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Battlecruiser: The QueensGuard
Variants: Battlecruiser, Dreadnaught, Super Star Destroyer, Command Ship, Assault Carrier
Average Length: 2000-5000 Meters.
Only Major Factions may own Flagships.
Major Factions should maintain a limited number of Unique Flagships and not overuse them.
No player may captain a ship over 3,000 meters without the Major Faction Owner's consent.

  • Classification: Battlecruiser
  • Length: 3000 Meters
  • Width: 1000 Meters
  • Height: 500 Meters
  • Armament: Very High
90 Dual Heavy Turbolaser Cannon Turrets
50 XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries
60 Quad Turbolaser Turrets
60 Heavy Ion Cannons
80 Quad Light Rapid-fire Turbolaser Cannon Turrets
30 Assault Scale Variable Warhead Tube Launchers
5 Orbital Strike Cannon - (Orbital Bombardment)
10 Mauler Mass Driver Cannons
20 Long Guns (Artillery)
40 Point-Defense Laser Cannons
50 DBY-827 Heavy Turbo Laser Turrets
40 Flak Guns
  • Defenses: Very High
Advanced Deflector Shields
Ray Shields
Flares - Countermeasures
  • Hangar: Very Low
3 Light Transport Squadron
Escape Pods
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low.
  • Speed Rating: Low.
  • Hyperdrive Class: 2
  • Capacitor Banks
  • Capacitor Overcharger
  • Frequency Jammer
  • Cloaking Device
  • Medical Station
  • Research and Development decks
  • Engineering Decks
  • Long range sensors (Bio, electromagnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, optical zoom)
  • Encrypted Comms Transmissions
  • Heavy Artillery - Also known as Long-Guns, these long range cannons fire heavy-explosive ordinance rather than relying on energy weapons, they're ineffective at close range where flak cannons would typically be used in their stead.
  • Orbital Bombardment (aka Orbital Strike Cannons) - are used to target worlds unleashing heavy explosive munitions down upon land units and structures; like the Long Guns these are not energy weapons. As these cannons are devastating in power and size both, the vessel has been fitted with no more than five for the sake of power regulation across the ship.
  • Strong Air-to-Air Combat - built primarily for space combat.
  • Heavy plated Armor - Reinforced Quadanium Steel provides a stronger defense against the oppositions typical ordinance.
  • Cloaking Device - The ability to be concealed via active Radar (Excludes physical sight).
  • Slow moving - a Goliath vessel with a strong arm yet falls short in pace.
  • Limited Power output - Having to alternate power to various parts of the ship due to high demand and lower output than optimal. The Vessel cannot fly at top speeds whilst engaging in combat for example, and operates at either at full combat proficiency, or 1/3rd when mobile.
  • Cloaking Device - Due to power requiring regulation across the vessel in order to maximize combatant effectiveness, the amount of power required to keep the Cloaking field in place has a tremendous impact on offensive output and overall power to the shields and heavy ordinance against other vessels. Not only this but the Cloaking Device does not shield the vessel from physical sight and only serves to cloud it from the detection of medium to long range scanners.

Built out of the Gyndine Shipyards recently commissioned by the Government of the sector of Commenor, The QueensGuard is the first major Battlecruiser to be built for the formerly small and isolated world of trade. Since seeking to expend their horizons to the sector (hex), the leadership of Commenor found it in themselves to put priority into the establishment and strengthening of their military and naval armada. While having positioned themselves as a pacifist state, the sudden interest in arms and naval vessels of war have taken the attention of the general media in and around Commenor leading some to question the nature of the new fleet. This vessel is however despite speculation, purely defensive and has been commisioned under the title of Queensguard, to be part of the royal fleet representing the Monarchy itself.

Entering into the provincial military industry as a new player within the Galaxy, this vessel has not been made of state-of-the-art technologies but has been adapted from a variety of examples, most commonly the Bothawui Shipyards and the vessels that came from their making. With the former Galactic Republic having resided over the nearby territories as well as the One Sith of the distant past, Commenor has had the luxury of experiencing and entering into research of both fleets and technologies, using whatever they might to empower themselves for the sake of future protection.

Stations range from Engineering to medical, all decks working to provide the ships crew with the best in support possible, Commenor has paid out in full to give their navy a strong life on deck. Research and Development though hindered while aboard the vessel as opposed to back home, will spend much of its time looking into biology and technologies for the sake of bettering its own (Weapons modifications for example).

In synchronization with the advanced shields, a cloaking device has been fitted to the vessel yet does not defy physical sight given the massive proportions of the vessel and it's struggles in outputting power to all armaments and primary and secondary functions, this cloaking device while keeping the ship off of any radar detection, cannot be used within combat effectiveness either, pulling to much power away from the crafts offensive capabilities.

[member="Ardgal Raxis"] and Justice Yards have volunteered to further finance and support the endeavor by offering to provide materials and technologies for the vessel in order to drop into zones of conflict when and where necessary with the munitions required to defend themselves.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

Does Alderaan know you're building Battlecruisers? You'll either be really good neighbors or really bad neighbors, I guess. ;)

Overall very well done for a first ship. I haven't done an in-depth review just yet but nothing sticks out as out of place and such. I do need a point of clairification, though. Is this intended to be a Flagship, or just a conventional Battlecruiser? Flagships do require a mission thread, whereas a battlecruiser does not. Main reason I'm asking is because of the link at the top of the sub has me a bit confused.
[member="Cyrus Tregessar"]

The template I used was listed under flagships yet I somehow understood it that a battlecruiser was a variation of them? I dunno, I didn't question it too much I suppose as a 3k ship is far larger than anything i've attempted to do in the past so...It's a battlecruiser and no Alderaan does not know though to my knowledge we've no negative history with them :D I did get a chuckle out of that though.

I was actually a little concerned perhaps the armaments I'd added were too many; I really took a running stab there as I wasn't sure if it was overpowered or otherwise, really. I was totally expecting some sort of draw back there though I'll let you take a closer look when you're good and ready and perhaps let me know how it fairs as opposed to typical battle-cruisers. I've come from being someone with zero history in fleeting to making these vessels for Commenor so...xD Good times!

Cheers for your swift responses dude!

Oh and I better add, I am testing the ship out here in our Dominion. I took the liberty of trying for it as I'd thrown in a cloaking device for ranged scanners; last I'd heard they required some sort of dev threads (Though things have changed a bit since!). Just figured I'd put it out there.
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

A flagship is a unique, special ship utilized by a major faction to be really neat. They can be anywhere between 2000m to 5000m, per the rules, but we've only got one so far and it's a full on 5k and carries more fighters than you can shake a fleet at. The term is more loose, and not a specific class of ship per se.

A Battlecruiser is any ship that sits between 2000m to 4000m, and is a 'class' within the modified Anaxes War College system we use (a 5000m ship or larger is properly a Dreadnought).

So basically flagships can be battlecruiser sized, but not all battlecruisers are flagships. Anyway, hope that clears things up, now we get into the meat of the sub.

Your armaments are fine overall, I just need a bit of clarification on what you'd like Orbital Strike Cannons and Long Guns to count as. Basically some indication of what those weapons do and how many turbolasers they are equivalent to. As a general rule with 4.0, don't stress too much about gun counts. You're actually pretty well under what we consider the allowable upper limit for a 3000m Battlecruiser, but that doesn't really matter as long as your ratings check out.

Under 'Affiliation' you have semi-unique, which is really a production value. That should read just 'Commenor' (and a link to the faction page couldn't hurt). Then, if you want to keep the stealth system on this ship, you'll need to drop production to Semi-Unique. There's no dev anymore but any stealth or stealth detecting systems are capped at semi-unique.

Related to that, you mention that you can't use the stealth device with any real effectivness in a combat situation. That's a great, usable weakness, I'd just like to see it made a bit more clear in the Strengths/Weaknesses section.

I think that's it. Make the above changes and I'll give it another pass and then we should be good to go. Nice work overall.
[member="Cyrus Tregessar"]

Thanks for all of your help man, it's been a fair bit to take in but you've been awesome about it!

I've changed all that you've pointed out with the exception of the Artillery and the Orbital Strike Cannons. While I have offered a bit more of a description for these weapons under the special features section of the submission, I'm not sure how they might compare in terms of power output when put beside x-amount of turbo batteries or laser cannons.

Would a 1/5 ratio sound realistic for orbital munitions or no?
Grand Admiral, First Order Central Command
[member="Veiere Arenais"]

With the details you've provided and given the trend in 4.0 to not fuss about gun math, I think it works as is. Heavy Mass Drivers for the Long Guns would be a fair comparison, I think, in the unlikely event it should ever become an issue.
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