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Bar fight

Jhiaga sighed as she stepped off the landing platform. Tonight was going to be a busy night.
Reports came in from a normally quiet town in the outskirts of the planet's city; a crime lord was having trouble keeping order in his hierarchy after the deaths of several of his lieutenants. And the Bounty Hunter knew it was just her occasion; after getting the fat, lazy slug to hire her, she immediately started to search for the poor soul that thought things would go his ways all the time. A few broken bones later, she was heading toward the town's cantina, walking inside quite casually, taking a seat at the bar, ignoring the bartender's glare.
"For the mess", she said as she dropped a handful of credits onto the table, ignoring the panicked Bith's pressing questions, instead focusing on the man sitting onto a table almost right next to the exit. His pants were stained with blood.

She immediatly stood up and raised her blaster whom she had kept hidden beneath her cape, her black and red armor standing out even more admist the Chaos as she rushed to the man, pushing people aside as she did. He seemed so close, yet so far; but she knew that trying to approach stealthily wasn't going to work with such an armor.
"You've got two options", she said coldly from behind her visor as she approached, the vox speaker from her helmet accentuating her voice, her mandalorian assault blaster steady in her hand.
"Either you surrender, or I bring your hot remains to my employer. Your call!"

Oh my, look at the mess you've made...

Shut up.

Cinnic looked at the Mandalorian aiming a blaster at him briefly before taking another sip of the juma juice in front of him. Well, it was only a matter of time before someone didn't appreciate the fact that the grizzled Jedi had been breaking their men. The Wraith had advised him against his actions time and time again, citing the lack of a proper cleanup and abundance of evidence. The old man, however, didn't give a flying kark. He was past the point of letting the galaxy run amok with the foul pestilence that was crime. Besides, the lieutenants he targeted had valuable information on a seductive woman that had just happened to be in the area a couple of days ago. Or at least he thought they did. In reality, it was hard to conduct an interrogation on someone who was too busy screaming about their missing limbs to gain any useful intel. Oh well. He had enough to know where he was going next, and was just about to head in the direction of Wild Space when a bounty hunter found him.

"Shouldn't have stopped for the drink..."

The old man peered out from his hood to look at the Mandalorian. Full armor, her helmet concealing her facial expressions. Smart. It didn't let your opponents see fear, sympathy, or any other emotion. The former Jedi's hood did much the same, although one could catch a glance of grey stubble and glowing blue eyes. The eyes were lit with an internal fire, one that radiated power and something deeper, something ethereal. No one that he met so far knew who Cinnic was in his past life, nor of his death almost two months ago. That was good. The less questions asked his way, the better.

Now, how to deal with the bounty hunter...

I don't think making a scene in a crowded bar would do much good.

The Wraith was right. His addition into Cinnic's body was a boon, to say the least. Aside from the fact that he had restored what age had taken away from the old man's body, the ancient Force Ghost often had very useful advice and served as an alternate opinion when a decision was at hand. Cinnic sighed internally.

You're right. I don't want any bystanders getting hurt.

Raising his hands somewhat defiantly, Cinnic stood out of his seat and looked the Mandalorian dead in the visor, her soulless gaze meeting his natural scowl.

"All right, bounty hunter. Let's take this outside. I don't want anyone getting hurt."

His lightsaber was concealed in his cloak, of course, but Cinnic really didn't need to whip that out just yet. As if he needed any more attention. The old man instead waited for instructions, hands still raised, scowling at the Mandalorian, his eyes piercing her soul.

[member="Jhiaga Shiwr"]
Apparently, the old man was fine with dying.
That's what Jhiaga Shiwr would of thought if she wasn't a seasoned bounty hunter, and a Mandalorian at that. She knew the stranger packed some heavy duty fire, or at least impressive martial techniques, judging by how the lieutenants were reduced to a bloody mess. "Sorry, old man", she said as she slammed the exit door shut behind them after going through the crowd, who parted before the two, a deafening silence reigning over the normally animated cantina. "But for you, it's going to be end of the line. You should of stayed home."
With that, she threw herself to the side, anticipating an attack, and activated her jetpack to gain some height, taking aim with her Mandalorian assault blaster. With the proper aim, she could just send a burst of three lasers right in his body and end him without much trouble. She pressed her finger against the trigger, feeling nothing but calm as she did. I'm the one in control, she reminded herself as she squeezed it.

Well, he couldn't have said he didn't see that coming.

Pulling out his saber and activating it with a deadly hum, Cinnic turned around and deflected the three shots meant for his torso. It was a movement he had become familiar with. The grizzled warrior sighed internally. Jetpack users were always a pain, but a little manipulation of the internal fuel injectors would bring her down without hurting anyone around them.

The old man reached out with his free hand, feeling the components of the jetpack through before finding what he wanted to. The main fuel lines that lead to the thrusters that actually enabled a user to fly. With a slight movement of his hand, the fuel injectors were squeezed shut, and the Mandalorian would soon find herself on the ground in front of Cinnic, where his lightsaber waited.

"We'll see who should've stayed home when I'm through with you..."

[member="Jhiaga Shiwr"]
"A frakkin' force user? I knew an old man wouldn't fight fair", she spat as she raised her blaster to fire again... only to remember that those strong with the force could mess her jetpack up. She only had an instant to curse as she remembered Zenva Vrotoa telling her of their new force-resistant gear before crashing to the ground, seeing the man dangerously close to her. Losing no time, she simply pressed a button hurriedly to get the device off of her back, while reaching for her lightsabers and activating them as she raised her hands to stop the incoming blow.
"But, you see, I'm a Mandalorian. Killing Jedi fraks is our legacy, and I intend to uphold it."
With that, she disengaged, the red and gold sabers in her hand as she circled around him, evaluating the situation.
"You'll pay. For what your kind did to the Death Watch, and to the Sith."

Cinnic watched with mild surprise as the Mandalorian unsheathed her own lightsabers, the red and gold blades in contrast with his blue one.

"I'm no Jedi, not anymore."

The two circled each other. The old man would rather not kill another person. He had done enough of that for his taste on this planet, and knew the guilt of his actions would soon creep up on him. As with all situations, he attempted diplomacy first before taking any more martial action.

"Your sense of revenge is misguided. I killed plenty in my time, sure. But those people were evil and had to be stopped. You don't wanna fight me, girl. You're wasting your energy against me while you should be fighting the real target: the Sith. They bring darkness and death to everything they touch! Everything they manipulate with their lies and poison rots and dies. You know it's true. They've razed worlds, slaughtered innocents...separated children from their parents..."

On that last part, Cinnic felt stinging in his eyes and had to resist the urge to cry in front of his opponent. His daughter was out there somewhere and he had to find her. If the Mandalorian sought a battle, then he'd have no choice but to cut her down. The mission he was on was too important to put his life in risk trying to subdue another warrior.

Treya needed him.

"I don't want to fight you. I just want to find my daughter."

She won't listen, old man. They never do.

I always try. What seperates us from the Sith is that we at least give the enemy a chance to redeem themselves. No one is past redemption. No one. I've seen it before with my own eyes. If we don't give them the chance, we're no better than common thugs with lightsabers. We're no better than the Sith.

"Let me go. Time is of the essence in what I'm doing. Please."

Treya was waiting for him, somewhere out in the galaxy. He knew it.

[member="Jhiaga Shiwr"]
"Typical Jedi behavior", she said with renewed rage, her words like venom.
She brought her blades upwards, making the two enter in contact, the contrast between red and gold striking as the Mandalorian stared back at the man. "You lie. You consider the Sith below you, because they have feelings. They love, they hate, they grieve, they laugh, they cry. They aren't frakking useless monks like the rest of your pathetic kind!"
With that, she charged forward, bringing her swords for a side strike; she aimed for both lightsabers to hit him diagonally, making a cross should it managed to land.
"Oh, you want to find your daughter?" she asked in a mocking tone, pressing further and further her attack. "Then I will enjoy ruining what you have left like the Jedi ruined my only family, you filth. This is what justice is like. You don't get away with kidnapping children or murdering people for their alignment in the Force."

She knew she let her emotions get the best of her. She knew that after she was done here, she would have to wear her device of penance, whom would hurt her for her every move. Remind her that letting raw emotions dictate her life was the contrary of being free. It was unprofessional. Un-Mandalorian. But for now, she only had one goal; taking revenge for all that happenned to her with this opportunity. Her employer asked for the man; he would have his head.

I don't want to say I told you so...

Shut. Up.

Cinnic deflected the oncoming blow and used the opening to send a powerful Force Push to her chest. If it landed, it would send the Mandalorian flying back into a wall that bordered the outside of the cantina.

"In war, people die. But it's a consequence of their actions."

The old man growled lowly as the bounty hunter mocked his daughter. The urge to unchain the beast, to turn the armored woman in front of him into a gristly paste, was very strong. If she ran around killing Jedi in some sort of misguided vision of revenge, then she was no better than the men he had killed. Those men were criminals; she was a murderer.

"I already told you, girl. I'm no Jedi. You really think killing one old man who used to wear fancy robes and run around with a lightsaber is gonna solve anything? It won't. You're misguided."

How pitiful. May I break her?

No, dammit!

The Wraith sighed internally. In their time together, the old man had learned that the ghost co-inhabiting his body could be rather...cruel to their enemies. Cruel for even the warrior of old, who often left battlefields strewn with body parts, severed heads, and marred torsos. While the specter couldn't harm anyone physically, he did have a certain trick to get inside people's minds. Useful for interrogations and extracting information. The only bad part was that the mind meld usually left the victim broken beyond repair. What the ghost did inside the person's psyche was unknown to Cinnic, and quite frankly, he didn't want to know. He had pushed aside enough of his morals on his quest to find his daughter. One more thing would only add weight to that burden.

"I already warned you, kid. Get outta my way, or this isn't gonna end well for you."

Cinnic struck a Juyo pose, drawing upon the negative emotions of his opponent to fuel his skills even more. It was a technique the old man was well known for back in his day. The use of the form was questionable, and had almost gotten him kicked out of the Order more than a couple of times, but it never failed to get the job done. When the bounty hunter struck again, he'd be waiting. He had issued his warning already. Anything that happened from that point on was her fault, and not his.

[member="Jhiaga Shiwr"]

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