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Name ( official) : Bane Kelik
Faction: mandolorian
rank: Normal rank of a vod
Species: Dathoronian ( I may have spelled it wrong)
Age: 20
Sex: male
Height: 6'2
weight: 450 pounds ( 4 percent body fat the rest is muscle)
Hair: Horns
Skin: Pale yellow with black war paint markings
Force sensitive: One passive ability otherwise very little potential. No one can notice it to. therefore their is no point in putting an apprentice title when I get my 50
Strengths and weaknesses:
+ rigorous strength training- His father was a mandolorian before him and constantly made him train his entire life as a kid. whether it be another test. Or just a lesson to show respect bane has been for life prepared physically to be very strong compared to most. Many can see this as a result of his big, bulky, muscular body.
+ Beskar specialist : The tenants require you to be a warrior anyways so why not be a beskar engineer ?
+ Force body: darth bane was thought to be able to channel the force passively in order to maintain his body and easily increase its muscle mass and muscular strength permanently.
+/- Body type: his natural body type along with the help of the force allows him to easily outsize most people and outmatch most beings physically making him a big but averaged height brute. The problem is because of his size it is hard for him to fit into smaller places and he is a bigger target in a duel and in a crowd.
+/- Loyalty to the man ode: mandolorians have honor in battle, in their beskaram , in their language, in their clan , and in their training for battle , never to kill another brother or sister , and last but not least they always adhere to the call of the manda'lor and his teachings as the keeper of the manda , he feels a sense of duty to the mand ode
+/- minimal combat training: Bane is highly trained to shoot heavy weapon's , such as ion canons, heavy repeaters, and heavy rifles, not only this but he has good training from his father with mixed martial arts, and wrestling. Allowing the man to put his brute strength to work . Unfortunately aside to hand to hand combat, he does not wield any other weapons well , meaning if he were ever to get in a close quarter situation his mixed martial arts, and wrestling would have to do. He is not a very good pilot due to this either, making space combat not preferred as well.
- slower reaction times : this frustrated his father dearly when they would spare and train Bane was born with a slower mind compared to others solely forcing him to rely on brute strength and endurance
- speed not so good: because of slower reaction times and such along with his big tank body type it makes him rather hard to be extremely fast forcing him to rely on endurance for a chase

Appearance (with heavy armor)- The tough zabrack is twice the significant size he usually is without his armor this gives him an intimidating presence as a giant . With this said his armor is green for green in his culture of the mand ode means duty. Even through his armor he was quite muscular . Can easily be spotted in a crowd and for all the places the armor covers the only weakness in his armor found is the detachable parts in his arms and knees . With those few obvious weakness's nothing else seems prone.

Appearance (without armor the picture that is attached is not zabrack but it gives you the jist of the body type I want) : This man rarely seen without his armor has pale yellow skin with black war paint. The war paint is a stereotype of all zabracks who have the war paint on except it is in different colors being pale yellow and black. Bane has long horns making it understandable to have a big helmet so his horns can fit. ( not only to repeat but bigger helmet give more protection) Also bane is extremely muscular in the shoulders, arms ( being bicep , triceps , and forearm) , along with his pectoral, and core muscles. without his armor either way he looks like a tank. ( he also has brown eyes)
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This mandolorian has been taught the basic's of his culture since birth. At one he was put in a vinegar bath in order to toughen up his skin and body from pain. He then was rationed as a baby only given the minimal needed to live . He would be constantly guarded until about around age six. At age six the boy was taught to do what was necessary for survival . Steal, kill, or cause havoc upon manda'lor enemies. After learning the codes of the manda ( heaven ) the mandolorian would practice running through vigorous courses designed to get muscle quick. While his father would get frustrated from time to time because of banes slow reactions. He loved how fast his son was growing , most mandolorians took years to get to where the boy was at eight years old two years later , he had gained core muscles instantly and biceps easily. His father never knew his son could surpass him so quickly , it must have been the spirit the boy had to keep going on. After acquiring ten years of age Bane knew how to hunt and kill enemies . not only this but in most cases he had more strength and muscle then any teenager every had. His lessons would begin and trials teaching him different lessons , his first lesson was surviving a winter in one location on hoth along for half a year. This taught him to always use his training his father had taught him. Next he had to face a sith apprentice alone at 12 this lesson taught him to never be afraid for their was no time for fear in battle. many other lessons where taught to him when he was sixteen his body was slightly muscular compared to his father to which they would train how to fight with armor and in hand to hand combat as well. His father knew many forms of hand to hand combat but only decided to teach him ones his son would need . Mixed martial arts and wrestling the two forms of combat training that would suit his sons brute strength and endurance. Wrestling required for many of the moves endurance, strength and just the right amount of size in order to complete moves such as the double leg take down, or the head lock, while mixed martial arts mainly focused on endurance and fighting on your feet. Not only this but before his father passed away at age 18 his father taught him one last session. That a mandolorian could be whatever he wanted as long as he could fight in battle and follow the tenants of manda . His story would then begin .... first he would officially need to become a mandolorian proving he knew what it meant to be one and then from their Bane would decide to fight in as many battles as possible for it was his duty.

Ship: an old gauntlet fighter

Kills: just some animals , and one sith apprentice ( npc)

Bounties: none

roleplays: anyone wanna help out ?