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I'm just F'n with you!
Balthor, Warmaster


NAME: Balthor
FACTION: The Bando Gora
RANK: Warmaster
SPECIES: Unknown/ Humanoid
AGE: Estimated between 30 and 35 Years of Age
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6' 3''
WEIGHT: 240 lbs
EYES: Fiery Orange
HAIR: Shaved Scalp
SKIN: Rough, Typically Painted

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
Describe in moderate detail the strengths and weaknesses of your character.

+ Physically Imposing
+ Air of Command
+ Force Affluent

- Narcisistic
- Cruel
- Power Hungry

Chiseled stone presents nearly a similar image in terms of Balthor's physique. Years of hard labor and violent living have left him with a body wrought of muscle. Scars cover areas of his flesh, but largely he remains unmarred, nicks and scratches the only major imperfections. Eyes, a burnt orange, burn behind the partial mask he wears. Standing taller than the average human, he carries himself with an air of power, an almost constant sneer etched across his features - those that are visible.

Much of Balthor's past is dead, his own hands their undoing. From an early age he learned that life, whether one wanted it to be or not, was rarely fair. What withering creatures who called themselves parents had been dispensed of years ago, deserving every bit of pain and suffering Balthor himself inflicted upon their existence. It was they after all who had sold their son into slavery.

For what, he'd never truly discovered but in the end it mattered little. The fact remained, they had sold their son. An unforgivable crime. The desire for revenge had festered since that moment - in fact if Balthor ever came clean about his feelings it was they which had initially spurred him on, what helped him survive. The boy spent several weeks aboard their ship, life little more than sleeping and eating (If you considered a cracked off corner of a ration bar food).

Life only got worse for the boy once they arrived at their destination. Kessel.

(To be continued)

- Discovery of Force Sensitivity through Accident at the Spice Mines
- Miners Revolt
- Escape from Kessel

- Establishment of initial Followers & Assumption of Power
- The Assumption of the Title "Bando Gora"

- Expansion & Adoption/ Revelation of the "High Priestess"
- Current State