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Baktoid expansion



This will be mainly for Akio and Mirien do we want anything more then funding and resources to be funneled throughout the empire. I was hoping to try and work with Alli to maybe have her be an Atrisian sympathizer who supports us.

So far

We will get access to Baktoid tech, some facilities, resources.

She'll get our support towards Tier five status, a factory or Baktoid logo on products/planets and a beneficial friend in the Empire as we expand to rich worlds


Do you really think Atrisia could afford Baktoid?

I mean this is a company that supplies ever faction in the galaxy is well known and respected.

Also we couldn't even if we wanted to, it is a canon company. Which means no player created can just buy it and none of us have a huge Tier five in our hands that could merge with it. The only other option would be hostile takeover which might push them to Subach or marry the character and get controlling interest then partner with Atrisia.

Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
Ah. Canon. Right. Nevermind then, my brain is failing at economics at the moment so I'm not sure I can give solid advice. Maybe @[member="Mirien Valdier"] can?

Also, while I know where these random likes are coming from its still weird seeing non OP people liking threads in here.

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
Not sure I'll be much help either. Right now it looks solid.

Just thinking we have ships covered mostly, but armor weaponry? Do we need that too? Outside sources help with that for sure.
@[member="Akio Kahoshi"]