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Approved Tech Baedruin Heart Mutagen

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Intent: A organ enhancement for a unit I am creating within the Baedurin

Image Source: N/A

Canon Link: N/A

Permissions: Baedurin (https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/the-draelvasier.116790/)

Primary Source: N/A

Manufacturer: The Bryn'adûl

Affiliation: The Bryn'adûl

Model: Mutation Shot

Modularity: No

Production: Minor

Material: Various tissues

Classification: Internal Organ

Size: Large

Weight: Heavy

Resistances (Optional): High

Energy (And other Blaster type weapons): Very High; It enhances the Baedruin's already heat resilient flesh

Kinetic: Average

Lightsabers: High; Baedruin are heat very heat resilient

Sonic: Very low

Ion: Very low

The mutagen causes the Baedruin's skin to become thicker

It doubles their strength

+ Double the strength
+ Extra durability
- Makes them even more susceptible to the cold
- Offers no protection against ion based weaponry or sonic rounds
- Most Baedruin don't survive the implant process
- Decreases Baedruin's life expectancy

The internal organ implant is a extra chamber added to both their hearts. It works by stimulating and adding additional nutrients and releasing new cell types which causes them to increase muscle growth. A draeyde bat pheromone in the chamber increases cell growth and metabolism. The skin thickens into a condensed hide. With the added metabolism generated by the pheremones the Baedruin become more acclimated to warm temperatures. Thus they are unsuited for the cold. Not even putting on extra layers or thermal suits will prepare them for environments such as the ones on Hoth. It was created in the confines of Tathra's lab when a Aeravalin genesicist fused a small draeyde heart to a Baedruin's heart.
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Please link the Manufacturer.

Other: Very low
This will need to be expanded upon. Specifically, what other resistances would be considered "Very Low." Other is not the damage type.

The internal organ implant is a extra chamber added to both their hearts. It works by stimulating the metabolism and causing them to gain access to more of their muscle mass.
I am sorry man. But that is just not how biology works at all. Adding a chamber to the hearts of a species would make blood travel through the body faster, and thus supply more nutrients to the body. However, Metabolism is the breaking down of Fats, or muscle or food within the body. That is related to your Insulin which is created by glands within the body. Not the heart.

Secondly, Species typically use 80% of their muscles capability. The rest is limited by the mental facilities of the brain so that you literally don't tear your muscles in half trying to lift or use them the wrong way. There are many was you can get around this, but I highly suggest doing some research about this to find out which one you want.
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