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Back from the brink of boogie-woogie


Stark raving silly
It's been several months since I've last even been on here, primarily due to serious brain-drain/other stupid thigns I'd rather not discuss. So, I'm looking to get back into the swing of things. The following characters up for threading:

Vorhi Alestrani--A blind oracle and master of Teras kasi, usually found drinking and talking to ghosts, or analyzing artifacts and selling them to various buyers. He lieks everyone, right up until they try to kill him.

Nick Sept--Clone soldier truned senator turned dead guy. He's....something else.

Mr. Ash--back despite a lack of popular demand, Amaranth will go back to being Ash shortly. A murderous droid with a knack for criminal organization and a heart of aurodium. Less evil than you think, but still not nice.

Five-oh--Droid, monk, and priest king of Freehold.

Olom Grihk--Jokingly referred to as "Darth Minimus" Olom is probably one of the least powerful Sith Knights on the site, making up for his lack of combat skill with a silver tongue and an intellect (and ego) large enough to move nations. He's an amoral, cowardly little bastard, but he's good at it.

I have a few others, including a half-hutt mad scientist, an unstable smoke demon who loves musical numbers, and the worlds Slowest Mandalorian Blacksmith, but I'm not sure anything's screaming at me in those regards.

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