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Azekor Kimene

Azekor Kimene


Name: Azekor Kimene
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-grey
Height: 6"4'
Weight: 180 lbs.
Complexion: Tanned
Force Sensitive: Yes
Build: Athletic

Combat specialist (Guns, hand-to-hand, swords, etc.)
Tactical Mind- Azekor is an expert battle strategist.
Loyal to friends

Trust Issues

Azekor was born and raised in the mercenary ways of life. He got his first blaster at age five, and his first vibrosword at age seven. There was a small difference compared to other natural-born mercenaries, however. Azekor's parents were a Jedi and a Sith who both had turned their backs to the Light and the Dark. In other words, they were Neutral Force-users. They taught Azekor bout the force, and how to use it. As he grew, his Force abilities helped him survive on countless dangerous occasions.

At the age of 20, Azekor was with his merc crew ransacking a small enclave of some kind. something truly bizarre had caused a massive fire to break out. That along with defeating the people who came up against them killed everyone who lived in the enclave. Save one....

It was several days later when Azekor felt a presence in the Force on Dxun. Following the current to its source, he discovered the only survivor of the attack. He took pity on the poor child, feeling the pain she felt in the Force. He took her back with him to his mercenary crew, and they all agreed to let her stay.

Azekor took it upon himself to train her in the ways of the Force, and how to be a fairly good mercenary. Over time, the two formed a close friendship that eventually led them to becoming brother and sister. Because she couldn't remember her last name, Azekor allowed her to use his own. To this day, she is still known as Lexa Kimene. ( ;) )

It has currently been a few years since Azekor last saw Lexa. He does his mercenary work alone nowdays, and someday plans on finding his "little sister" again.....

Ship: In the process of buying a new one