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Darth Hauntruss

Wraith of the Sith

[Note: Everything written here is for Admin Review and OOC research. IC most of these knowledge has been lost or unknown to the rest of the galaxy.]​
Name: Aza’Zoth

Region: Unknown Region
System: Elder Ruins Sector
Suns: Haelos Morgül [Single-Star System]
Orbital Position:
-Farthest planet form the Haelos
-In co-orbital path with another planet [Corcossa: Deadworld planet]
-Found behind the [SIZE=11pt]Mürvarr [Necro-Tombworld] [/SIZE]
Moons: None
Coordinates: F, 18
Rotational Period: 25 Hours
Orbital Period: 450

Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,756 km
Atmosphere: Type II
-Frequent Thunder/Lightening Storms
-Periodic Dust Storms
- Most common weather cycle fluctuates between dry and heavily rainy seasons
Gravity: Standard
Primary Terrain:
-Arid rocky-plains
-Mountain Ranges
-Vast Deserts with black sand
-Two Large Lakes
Native species:
-Small Insectoid Creatures
-Vermin and other small mammals
-Cavern Spiders
Immigrated species:
-Rakata [Now Gone]
-Creatures Created by Lords of Shadows [Durrgûl]
Primary languages:
-Galactic Basic
-Aza’Zoth [SIZE=11pt]Gûlgēsh[/SIZE] Speech [Also known as the Black Speech]
-Dark-Side Cultist (Lords of Shadows)
-Miniscule, once held a population of 3 million cultists. Now is only home to Lords of Shadows and their servants and monsters
Demonym: None
Major cities: House of the Undying [Only city]
Major imports: None
Major exports: None

Culture: Dark-Side Cultist
Technology: Alchemical/Ancient Sorcery mostly found in the bowls of the Dark Forge

The Ruins of Aza'Zoth
The House of Shadows
The House of the Undying is the umbrella-name for all of the ruins of the Lords of Shadows Cult found on the planet Aza'Zoth. The House of Shadows is simply put the main fortress of Aza'Zoth. Once there was three, but two were destroyed in the final confrontation and were reduced to rubble. Only one is left, the main fortress, the one that houses most important of centres for the cult. The actual fortress is an enormous series of dark twisted towers in a set of concentric walls [this is known as the Grave of Towers, referring to tombstone like appearance of the towers] Within the walls, are a series of cathedrals that tower into the skies. These set of cathedrals are called the The Temple. The largest of these cathedrals is found in the centre of the others. This cathedral was personally designed by the Lord of Shadows herself, Val'Ryss Zankarr during the hundred years of darkness. This cathedral is known as the The Dark Altar. The dark altar houses the relics and instruments of Val'Ryss' twisted projects and sorcery.

The Dark Forge
Created by the Lords of Shadows, principally Val'Ryss during the Hundred Years of Darkness, the dark forge is a crucible of evil. Created to naturally consume dark energy and rip into the ether of the force, the Dark Forge acts both as a crucible and as a dark-side nexus. It was often used to accelerate Val'Ryss' creation of monsters and abominations. While it has been known to be used by others to forge weapons and tools. The Dark Forge is the prized jewel of the Lords of Shadows cult. It above all else is worshipped. Some rumours even persist that it is sentient.

Notable PC's:
-Val’Ryss Zankarr was the original High Lord of Shadows of the planet back in the Hundred Years of Darkness. At the current moment she has returned to the planet; re-opened the gates of the dark-fortess-House of the Undying and as re-kindled the fires of the Dark Forge.

-To provide the Lords of Shadows a lore-rich evil lair to act as home base for their evil schemes. And to provide other RPers a truly horrific (and very lovecraftian) world to explore and have fun with.
the bedbound bard
Hey there @[member="Val'Ryss Zankarr"] - a nice post, and I like it, but I'd ask for you to expand on the Culture and Technology sections ; I feel like you've barely scratched the surface, especially where the former is concerned. Are there any traditions? How is the small scale society you mentioned (Lord of Shadows and their entourage) actually run; what makes them who they are? -- I think you get what I mean.

The only other issue I have is with the name of the City; House of the Undying features in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (G.R.R.Martin) and would be easily recognisable to anyone who's read/seen it. I'd suggest changing that, it doesn't have to be a complete overhaul of the idea it portrays, but it could do with being less specifically sameish for lack of a better word.

If you could see to this and tag me again when the additions/changes have been made that would be great.
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