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Azaloth Medical Enterprises

Azaloth Tostrix

Azaloth Medical Enterprises
​Image source: Shutterstock
Azaloth Medical Enterprises offers basic medical services with no questions asked, the treatments are often subsided by planetary or sector governments.

Azaloth Medical Enterprises has major hospitals and labs in the following locations:
  • Trian
  • Ession
In addition to normal medical services AZ-Med offers a number of additional services and products, including the replacement of body parts, due to costs associated only cybernetic replacements are covered by most insurance or government funding.

​Public Products and Services: (Open Market)
Private Products and Services: (Closed Market)
The Hell-Wolf is not sold or advertised to the public, it is military grade product and thus it's buyers are judged accordingly.
Due to legal issues this service is unavailable for sale to customers in certain areas of the galaxy, Azaloth Medical Enterprises keeps a copy of all clone templates for record keeping purposes.


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BLACK MARKET: (Absolutely Closed Market, please note if a product is bought via black market)

  • All previously mentioned products are available here in small amounts, although a case must be made for why you should be allowed to purchase the product/service, no records are kept of black market deals.

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