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Ayden...I'm home! [Ayden Cater & Ronin Fel]

The Black Flame
Omega Pyre, the government that took over his home before he had let to try and join the Jedi Order and much before he had even began to set the stage for the Fel Imperium's rise. Being from Corellia, the Fel family was well known in OP space as being a house of nobles and sophisticated people. It was also known, through local hearsay, that the Fel Dynasty once owned a magnificent Empire in the times following the invasion by the Vong. Ronin was unsure how well known or forgotten his name was and, being that he had never met the man, was unsure if this Mister Cater would even know who he was. Well, he may know now since Ronin had made an appointment to see him some time ago.

Sitting in the luxury meeting room in the back of his personal corvette, Ronin waited while his shuttle descended upon the OP capital of Fondor...

@[member="Ayden"] Cater

Ayden Cater

Grumpy Goat
@[member="Ronin Fel"]

Ayden sat in his office, looking over plans for expanding and demolishing installations. Some areas of the Protectorate continued to flourish, particularly those worlds closer to the Core. Some worlds in the Outer Rim flourished, but they were the exception rather than the rule. As he considered choices he'd have to make, an alert came from his station reminding him of the upcoming meeting with the envoy from the Fel Empire. Vaguely, the name rang with Ayden. He was dimly away that the name was mentioned in certain old records of the time before the Gulag Plague, but beyond that knew little of the name.

Setting aside all sensitive datapads, Ayden rose and set out a bottle of Corellian whiskey and some cigars; staple gifts of the Lord Protector. He wasn't sure what the Fel envoy would be angling for, but he had no doubt that he was being approached with some goal in mind. What, exactly, he was curious to find out.
The Black Flame
@[member="Ayden Cater"]

The shuttle landed with an Omega Protectorate escort and upon landing, Ronin was met with the faces of six security officials. Ronin followed them into the capital building, his nobleman attire catching much more attention than the guards uniforms ever could. He was wearing extravagant grey fatigues with a gold-lined purple cape that bared the symbol of the newly forming Fel Empire upon it. The cape was one of the many new symbols that Ronin had created to signify himself as the Imperator of the Fel Imperium, after all he was out to make a name for himself and his family.

It didn't take all but a few minutes for Ronin to be escorted into Ayden's office where the security officials took their leave and left Ronin and Ayden alone. Ronin gave a warm smile to the an and bowed in respect "Lord Protector, it is a pleasure to meet you. I am Ronin Fel, heir to the Fel legacy and Imperator of the forming Fel Imperium." taking a step forward, Ronin noticed the bottle of Corellian whiskey and his eyes lit up a little at the fond memories the beverage brought back to him. When he served in the Corellian Defense Force, Ronin would often share a bottle of the same whiskey with his fellow soldiers.