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Avidon Oligarchy

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Avidon Oligarchy
Political Information
Type of Government: Oligarchical Magocracy
Head of State: Penumvirate
Head of Government: Prime Oligarch
Commander-in-Chief: Minister of Defense
Executive Branch:
  • Penumvirate
  • Chief Councilor
  • Inner Council
Legislative Branch:
  • Vizier
  • Parliament
Judicial Branch:
  • Procurator of Justice
  • Supreme Court

Societal Information
Capital: Avidon
Official Language: Galactic Basic Standard
State Religious Body: The Sith Order [Unofficially]

An Oligarchical Magocracy with a focus on utilitarianism. Carefully guiding and orchestrating its policies are the Penumvirate; the five highest ranking government officials. Its military is a well organized defense force focusing on an emphasis of Meritocratic leadership. Formed from the remnants of the Sith Empire; it serves as a safe haven for those that have been left behind since the collapse of the Empire. Situated in the Avidon system; which was once on the edge of Sith Space. An already well established infrastructure and economy has allowed it to rise quickly from the ashes and prevent economical collapse as likely to be seen on former worlds of the Sith Empire.

A Penumvirate carefully guides the Oligarchy; composed of the five highest government officials. It is headed by the Prime Oligarch; the reining head of government whom looks to the other members of the Penumivrate to keep the daily operations of the Oligarchy running smoothly. The other five members of the Penumvirate are the Minister of Defense. Charged as being the Commander-in-Chief of the Oligarchy's Defensive Fleets and Armed Forces. The Vizier; charged as the head of the Legislative Branch. The Procurator of Justice; head of the Judicial Branch and the Chief Councilor; head of the Inner Council and serving as part of the Executive Branch.

Legislative propositions and bills fall to the charge of the Parliament; which is headed by the Vizier. Thus they serve as the full body of the Legislative Branch; charged with the course of ensuring the rights of the people at the behest of the Penumvirate. The Parliament serves in its capacity as a vocal means; though which the public may elect representatives to speak as their voice. The Parliament in turn is comprised of a Lower and Upper House. The Lower House is the voice of the common people of the Oligarchy. Whilst the Upper House serves as the voice of the Aristocracy of the Oligarchy.

Carrying out Judgement and likewise enforcing the laws and rights as provided through the actions of the Parliament falls to the Supreme Court. At the head of which is the Procurator of Justice, the highest judge of the Oligarchy. It is thus the duty of the Procurator and Justice to see to all matters of Law; as well as being given the powers to appoint Judges as seen fit or as needed. The Supreme court consists of the Procurator and eight other members; with the Procurator of Justice always serving as the tie breaking vote.

On the subject of the Inner Council; that of which itself is an oddity. While its head, the Chief Councilor serves as a member of the Penumvirate; with the Council itself serving as part of the Executive Branch, it is none the less not entirely part of the government. Rather the Inner Council serves as the '10th Man' in which they are charged with looking towards the possibilities of action that may or may not happen. Should there be a unanimous vote by the council, it is thus charged to a single member of the Inner Council to disagree with the others and prepare themselves for the possibility of action. In this way the Penumvirate ensures that the Oligarchy will always have a member at its disposal whom knows what to do and can take action in such a situation.

Organized into two separate forces, the primary bulk of the Avidon Oligarchy Military is composed of Defensive Fleets and Armed forces. Much of which is composed by Units, Vessels and Commands of the former Sith Empire whom have fled and sought refuge in the system. The Penumvirate likewise ensured their loyalty by providing the refuge in return for their service in protecting, possibly the only safe haven they were left with. Many of the forces were reorganized to form more cohesive and effective naval forces and armed groups. Likewise a new Starfighter Corps was created from the remains of the Starfighters that were brought with vessels that were carrying them. Much of the ground forces were also rebuilt from what few units had arrived in the Oligarchy.

Those whom showed superior command and training were themselves reorganized into a new force named the Taral. This unit is charged specifically with the safety of the Penumivrate. This new unit had additional training in observation and detection to produce a more effective bodyguard unit. Likewise other members were trained in specific fields, such as counter-terrorism, assassination and guerilla warfare to ensure that members were ready for any eventuality.

  • To serve as a haven for members of the former Sith Empire; providing for Sith survivors in exchange for their service
  • Join the Republic the corrupt it from within to pave way for the possibility of rebuilding the Sith Empire
  • Rebuild the Sith Order in secret
  • Consolidate power through absorbing remnants of the former Sith Empire's naval and armed forces