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Name: Drerda Frewenso
Alias: Avantalac
Preffered name: Avantalac
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Age: 20
Species: Human
Height: 1.12 Meters
Build: Muscular with Cybenetic Implants
Force Sensetive: Yes
Faction: The Empire
Rank: Sith Apprentice
Medi-Cholorian Count: 10,657
Strengths & Weaknesses:
+) Speed
Because of Cybenetic implants in his legs Avantalac has increased speed, he often pushes himself to be as fast and fit as he can be without usage of the Force. Although sometimes he uses the force to increase his speed in times of need.
-) Cold/Heartless
Like all Sith, Avantalac is cold and heartless, obeying his superiors orders to the very end. His natural Mavolence makes him even more Cold/Heartless.
+) Strength
Because of Cybernetic implants Avantalac has increased strength. He strives to increase his strength without using the force. But he uses the Force in times of need.
-)Mood Swings
Avantalac has random Mood Swings, triggered by absoultly nothing, he is trying to bring these under control but sometimes when he is off his guard the strike.
-) Education
Avantalac didn't have acess to schools when he was a child, so his knowledge is very limited. He was still taught how to read and write.
A long time ago,
on an Outer Rim planet that produced spices,
A new Sith would be born.

The Spice Farmers had a poor life and all food (excluding Spicies) were scarce. Children often had empty stoumachs and Alduts more so. But this child was part of a noble spice family going back years and years before. Drerda Frewenso was an only child, but he was never snoby or selfish like most of the other Noble Families, infact he felt sorry for people who worked on Spice Farms, the ones that couldn't relly on a meal every night. Drerda Frewenso parents didn't believe in education and he only learnt how to read and write. He often kept old pieces of writing, reading them in the dead of the night. This is how Drerda Frewenso found out about the conflicts between The Jedi and The Sith. He had dreams that he was out fighting a war, then coming back home to provide all the poor people with food and clothes and proper things.

It would be very soon that Jedi and Sith were fighting on the planet. His mother and Father had both devoleped a sickness that he seemed to be immune to, his parents would soon die and he was left to live on his own. He had inherited a very large fortune from his parents and a small goverment payout. He decided to go to the Cantina to splurge some of his credits. As he entered the Cantina he noticed a game of Sarbaac going on in one corner, he went over and watched a few rounds and then decided he was ready to play.

He introduced himself as Drerda Frewenso tossed 100 credits into the Sarbaac pot and then started playing. There was only one way to win... by getting a Pure Sarbaac. The people Dres were up against turned out to be Republic soilders that where on the planet with the Jedi. The game became more and more heated he could feel the hate radiating out of his body. He looked down at his cards, A Pure Sarbaac! He played it and collected the Credits, The Republic Soilders claimed that he was cheating, but the locals knew that the Frewenso family were noble and would never cheat. So he got away with the Credits.

When he was walking home he was attacked by who he recongised as the Republic Soilders. He fought them untill they both fell to the ground. No Drerda had done it... there would be Republic Soilders and Jedi looking for these people, a bounty would be put up for the killer, there was only one option, to go to the Sith.

He made his way to the Sith and was made a Soilder in there millitary. He lead a squad of 5 people but commited treason against there commander. He was put in prison and was soon visited by a Sith Knight. He was brought to the acadamy on Korriban and asked to choose a new name. He just said the first random thing that came to his head... Avantalac.
Ships: None... Yet

Weapons: Viroblade
Kills: None

Bounties Collected: None

Roleplays: Coming Soon