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Approved Tech AV-1B

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Intent: To Sub a Heavy armor for Lunarius
Image Source:
Canon Link:
Restricted Missions: N/A
Primary Source: Heavy Armor

Manufacturer: Lunarius
Model: AV - 1 B
Modularity: Yes, bost three weapon mounts which can be swapped out with anything up to a blaster cannon
Production: Unique
Material: Armorweave, Duraplast, Phrik, Aluminum wiring, Thermal layers
Classification: Multi-purpose
Weight: 50kg
Quality: 9
Electro Binoculars
Targeting System
Phrik plating
Shoulder mounted E-web
Shoulder mounted Grenade launcher
Wrist mounted flamethrowers
The AV-1B was designed with several special features in mind. The Armor contains a HUD in it's helmet, much like the AV-1A. This HUD is capable of target tracking and displaying varying information. The armor also comes with a built in jetpack, allowing it to fly and move around on the ground.It has several mounted weapon systems. Such as the E-web blaster Canon, grenade launcher and lastly the wrist mounted flamethrowers. It is covered in phrik to make it lighter and offer better protection.

The AV-1B was designed to be a special heavy armor for Lunarius. The Armor was made with a layer of armorweave, plasteel, duraplast, phrik plating, aluminum wiring and lastly thermal layers. These materials were placed atop one another and then laminated, the process repeated four times until they formed precise and tight plates. These plates offer a high amount of blaster resistance, slugthrower resistance, and even lightsaber resistance. Though the armor is immune to none of these things, it can take several blows from each of these sources before failing. The plates, are of course heavy and thus make movement difficult, to counter this the AV-1B comes equipped with a jetpack, however due to fuel limitations this allows only for 30 minute flight time before needing refueling.

Highly Resistant to blasters, slugthrowers, and lightsaber strikes and can take several blows before failing.
Built in Weapons
Built in Jetpack

Weaknesses :
Heavy and difficult to move around in.
Vulnerable at the Joints
Limited energy
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