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Auron Helix

Aran Finn


Corporation Name: Auron Helix Corporation
Headquarters: Ord Cestus
Research Facilities: Ord Cestus
Special Operations Facility: Mesen'yai Space Station; over Ord Cestus
CEO: Skek'zus Quall

Auron Helix is a firm specializing in biotechnology and genetic engineering research. Newly moved to Ord Cestus, Auron Helix struggled for nearly two years with no major projects or breakthroughs. But a lucky find on Wayland by a Hyperion Mining operation would change the fate of Auron Helix forever. Switching gears from researching medical applications of various species of fungus to attempting advanced genetic engineering, Auron Helix came to life almost overnight.

With the help of a Qellan Bioengineer Skek'zus Quall, the company did the impossible. Charon and Qellan biotechnology was combined with Yuuzhan Vong shaping to create a unique and patented lifeform capable of existing unassisted in space and serving as a living ship for those lucky enough to acquire one. And with the further cybernetic augmentations performed on the Mesen'yai Space Station which orbits the planet of Ord Cestus, they have been able to create fully capable bio-mechanical warships.

Having worked as a board member in a large investment company called Vargas Industries, Auron Helix was one of Aran Finn's project investments. After the collapse of Vargas Industries, Aran assumed control of this particular investment. It is a private company that he was able to buy outright through fronts and intermediaries, though his name is not on any official paperwork. He maintained an active role in the company as CEO, until the company came on hard times and struggling finances got the better of him.

After falling on hard times, the company changed hands and became a subsidiary of Mandal Hypernautics. Unsure of what to do with his newly acquired company, Rygel Larraq liquidated its existing headquarters on Cinnagar and research facility on Hoth in favor of a newly acquired property on Ord Cestus. As the planet had existing Hyperion Mining operations underway on the planet, it was not difficult for Mandal Hypernautics to establish a new headquarters and research laboratory on the planet. Knowing that the planet was host to hundreds of forms of fungus that were used in everything from agriculture to medicine and back again, Rygel Larraq trusted the company to find itself suitable projects.

Tier: 2

Named after the ideal of the perfect genetic building block, Auron Helix Corporation was created to take advantage of the lack of many biotech firms in the galactic market. However, after being acquired by Mandal Hypernautics the company underwent a period of transition and stagnation. It was not until a unique opportunity presented itself that the company truly found its niche in the galactic market and esteem among the scientific community. Now, with the financial backing of Mandal Hypernautics and the leadership of Qellan Bioengineer Skek'zus Quall, Auron Helix is the only private company in the galaxy to specialize in the design and manufacture of biological starships, and is one of the galaxy's top names in genetic engineering.

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