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Auld Gainsboro


Feat. Auld Gainsboro

NAME: Auld Gainsboro
RANK: Civilian
AGE: 35

SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 1.71 Meters / 5’6” Inches
WEIGHT: 63.9 Kgs / 141 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brunette
SKIN: Light Olive


Tenacious Ingenuity: Clever, resourceful, and pragmatic, Auld typically tries to think ahead to gain an edge on the struggle that is life. This often makes her seem colder and more detached to people not closely acquainted with her analytical approach to issues. She’s versed in a number of subjects and useful skills and her more calculating mind naturally leads to her to have an affinity with tech.
Penchant for Pew, Pew, Pew/BOOM: Like most Almanian nobles, Auld was raised to partake in basic hunting, tracking, and marksmanship training. She’s quite comfortable with blasters and projectile based firearms. Comfort, however, does not mean excellence, and the best descriptor to fit her abilities would be “proficient.” Oddly enough, she grew to practice extensively with explosive weaponry. You know what they say about things carried in little packages.

Resting Rancor Face: Maybe it’s the upbringing, or perhaps it’s the considerable tragedies that have occurred to both her and her family -but her normal expression hovers somewhere between glum and scathing. Don’t ask her about it though, she’ll respond with, “That’s my face.”

Don’t Bruise Me: The woman isn’t a fighter, and besides the most basic forms of failing and kicking, utterly lacks any ability or enough strength to survive in hand to hand encounters. In any instance where she doesn’t have a clear advantage, she would most definitely flee or wait for help.
Morbid Sense of Humor: Everyone has defense mechanisms, and in Auld’s case it’s a crippling sense of inappropriate, morose, deadpan and grotesque timing that makes her that much harder to withstand a few hours in her company.
Nostalgic Nihilism: Stuck in the past, lazy, and often pervaded by a sense of hopelessness since there really isn’t much more she could lose, Auld tends to indulge extended periods of quiet meditation, gazing off out of windows while listening to old records. Or possibly abusing transcendental drugs.

Short, thin and visibly out of shape with dark features. Usually dresses in the aristocratic clothing typical of Almanian citizens. Wouldn’t probably look like a dangerous person if one were to casually glance at her. Frailer than she appears.

With the inclusion of Almania into the Grand Sith Empire, Auld’s life and her family were thrown into turmoil. Although very rich, the family had a number of interests and investments in Galactic Alliance space. The family’s anti-imperial sentiments were a thing of public record, with them going so far as to go boldly claiming that they often supplied pro-Alliance interests with humanitarian efforts. This openness caused them to come under investigation once the government aligned with the ever growing Sith Empire. Bold, haughty mistakes were made, and Auld’s parents were tried and executed by the new governing body on planet.

Understandably frightened, Auld fled to the Galactic core, where eventually thoughts of vengeance boiled into such a frenzy in her mind that she had to take action. Working with a number of underworld connections, she came into contact with various terrorist cells which operated under the purview of the various extremist groups. Finding their efforts ineffectual, she grew impatient and joined with the more visible Mara-Parlemian Trade Council for a time, helping their cause financially. As war and chaos ravaged the sectors around her homeworld her fight was eventually lost, and she resigned herself to a life of crime in the Outer Rim.

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