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Approved Tech Aubsidius

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[*]Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Auberon
  • Affiliation:
    ​Auberon - Former Owner
  • Darren Shaw - Current Owner

[*]Model: Aubsidius
[*]Modularity: No
Production: Unique


  • Classification: Crossguard - Forcesaber
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Force Activated
  • Dark Side usage only
  • Life Drain Aura (Only when activated)
  • Corruption Side-effects
  • Of the Force: As a creation of the force, The lightsaber functions slightly differently. Namely, being only operable by channeling the force into the weapon. Only then, will the blade activate. Secondary to this, the lightsaber is not of the same construction as a Lightsaber. Therefore, lacking the weakness of being shorted out my Cortosis based weaponry, or armor. Even more so, the weapon is used through the force, and cannot be shut down, or affected by EMP/Ion weaponry. Finally, the Forcesaber can only be used by Darksiders, as the only form of activation, is to channel the dark side into the hilt.
  • Unstable Power: Creating the Forcesaber, requires focusing crystals much akin to a lightsaber. With this, Auberon chose three particular crystals that would be effective against those who would face him. Namely, the Lignan crystal. While the Forcesaber is naturally powerful enough to cut through Force-imbued metals, and Lightsaber resistant materials. While the thicker the materials are, the more time, or effort required, it will still eventually cut through.
  • Gaining Strength: The second notable crystal used in the construction of the Forcesaber, is Life Drain. Katak has a rare ability to slowly drain the life of individuals within proximity to the user. While at first it is a very small amount, the longer one stays within the influence, the more life that can be drained from those who are within the area. Siphoning this life, and giving it to the wielder. Empowering the wielder of the weapon to continue fighting as long as they possibly can.
  • Withering: As with all Dark sided creations of significant power, The Forcesaber can cause the wielder to fall deeper into the Dark side of the force. However, this influence not only extends to the wielder, but those who are within the influence of the previously mentioned Life drain effect. Radiating Dark Side energies upon those who are near the wielder.
  • Cruciform Guard: As with the usage of a crossguard design, the weapon can be used as a defensive weapon. Utilizing the guard not just for blocking lightsabers, or other weapons, but can also be used with saberlocks to a much greater degree than your standard lightsaber, or forcesaber. Secondly, the weapon's guard can also be used offensively. During a saberlock, one could stab the guard into an enemy's hand, arm, or even shoulder when pressed hard enough.
  • Training Not Included: As a Crossguard weapon, the forcesaber requires training with the use of a defensive tool, that could injure your enemy, just as much as yourself. Typically, the lightsaber form of Shi-cho would be best, or even Djem-so for the usage of the lightsaber as both of them are very closely related to various Sword martial arts. In fact, Shi-cho was a lightsaber form specifically designed to help the transition between Force-imbued weaponry, to the use of Lightsabers. Requiring the user to, in many cases use more wide sweeping strikes rather than smaller movements, or even intricate wrist twisting that would be the staple of the Makashi forms, or even Ataru. Required change in fighting style, as well as the arguably more easily telegraphed attacks, cause this weapon to be a heavy hitter, but can be blocked or parried more easily than your average saber.
  • By the Force: Created with the use of the force, means that any kind of force nullification effects that can affect the wielder, or the saber, will cause it to shut off completely until the user is outside of the bubble, or the bubble is rendered inert.
  • Blinded by the Light: Created, and even empowered by the Dark side of the force, the weapon can easily be damaged, or even destroyed by lightsided based attacks. While the corruption effect can affect lightsiders, the purifying light of various force powers can potentially cut through and damage the weapon, and the wielder. So much so, that should the weapon be destroyed by the light, the weapon itself will explode with the Dark side. Attempting to flee from the Light, the energies will erupt. possibly harming, or killing the user.
  • All or None: As the lightsaber can emit dark side corruptible energies, this effect does not discriminate between friend or foe. While Dark sided allies may find a slight boost to their more darker powers, Lightsiders will feel the corruption effects take place, as well as the Life drain. It affects all within the area. While the corruption may not affect Non-force users, it can still cause them to become uneasy.
  • Dark Void: As with the corruption of those around the wielder, the wielder themselves will be subjected to even more of this energy. Corrupting them exponentially faster the more often they use the weapon, or longer periods of time it is used. While some may not have a problem with this, should a Dark sider use this, and attempt to try and stay closer to neutral, or otherwise not be completely corrupted, this weapon would not be helpful. Yes, while Lightsiders can also use the saber if they channel the dark side of the force, it would also corrupt them to an even greater degree. As with clothing or shoes, The whitest of clothes, can become stained much more easily.
For years Auberon has trained with the usage of swords. While he has a little training with Lightsabers and their usages, there was something that he needed to do that would bridge the gap between a physical blade, and that of a Lightsaber. The one weapon that spawned the pure idea of lightsabers. A weapon that even predated the Proto-sabers. A Forcesaber. One that specifically was designed with a crossguard in mind. Much akin to his own Force-imbued sword, as well as his Sith Alchemy Sword. While both of those weapons also had crossguards, they were never dangerous.

Thus, the new shape of the weapon, required training from the man. However, this training would not only provide him a weapon of great power, but also provide him one that can excel with the usage of combat against lightsaber jockeys. While the ancient design may be older than every Major Galactic power, it still retains strengths that the lightsaber couldn't compete against. Specifically noting that Forcesabers had superb cutting power, even more so than the Lightsaber itself. There were even accounts of a Forcesaber able to cleave through Force-imbued blades, and even other force imbued artifacts.

Providing this kind of weapon, to a man who can only progress further in his quest for knowledge of various weapons, and fighting styles, can only send him leaps and bounds closer towards his goal.

In the recent months, Auberon has vanished, Leaving the saber abandoned, Darren, his uncle, found it within his shop, and is holding onto it for him.

  • Changed Ownership to Darren Shaw. Linking his Character Sheet.
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