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Atrisian Delegation Planning (Open)

Live in Light, Surf Master
Today was an auspicious day for the Army of Light. The first in what seemed to become a slew of political delegations had offered support and supplies, yet Admiral Manu Xextos was cautious. Politics wasn't what the Army was about. Destroying the Sith, delaying the crawl of the Dark Side, that was the mission of this band of renegade redeemers.

He waited in the Council Room on board the Army of Light Star Destroyer Brynjar for the significant Army leaders to gather in time for the Galactic Empire's delegation to arrive. They weren't far off, being escorted to the Brynjar by House of Keth troops Manu had slowly began to integrate into what rag-tag bunches of Echani came to his side seeking the wisdom of the ancestral warrior. Dressed in gleaming white, his lightsabers and echani staff clipped on his wide silver belt, the warrior waited on this Senior Prefect Fitz-Kierke.