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Approved Planet Atrisia VIII (Tengoku)

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Baifa Monü Zhuan
  • Planet Name: Atrisia VII: Tengoku
  • Demonym: Atrisian
  • Region: Core World
  • System Name: Atrisi system
  • System Features:
    • The Atrisian System is a 9 planet solar system organized around a single star (Atrisi). Inner planets are terrestrial in composition, with the outer planets being gas giants and ice giants. Atrisia VIII is the eigth planet from the sun in the system. With 1 gas giant that has been contained within its Anshin class sphere that is used for living population and organization as well as defensive measures. The mega structure can develop and serve as a tertiary shipyard or manufacturing hub. The twenty eight moons of the world have been converted into fortress moons.
    • Bending: Due to its powerful gravitational fields the world itself is a chokepoint... drawing in and being a natural breakwater in hyperspace that impedes travel for majority of ships not familiar with the means to navigate around the hazard.
    • Fortress Moons: Powered by iso-didact reactors and using heavy snare batteries able to lock down ships and pull them out of hyperspace. Strong Planetary shield generators both on the moons and from projectors that allow the moons to reinforce each other.
  • Location: Chaos Map
  • Major Imports: Soldiers, ships
  • Major Exports: Weapons, military equipment
  • Unexploited Resources: N/A
  • Gravity: 700x (planet) Standard (terraformed and controlled moons)
  • Climate: Controlled heavily for ideal weather and temperate
  • Primary Terrain: Massive gas giant with metal constructed floating platforms.
  • Atmosphere: Type III
  • Capital City: Dawnslight
  • Planetary Features:
    • Massive floating city/refinery in the clouds of the gas giant, Heavy deposits of tibanna gas and illerium
    • hyperspatial breakwater: Created from the gravity of the planets and moons, a natural and strong interdiction field that draws ships towards the planet and the large military presence there.
  • Major Locations:
    • Celestial Palace: A massive floating city in orbit of the gas giant itself. With gravity modulators to protect from the intense gravity. With golden spirals and harvestors for tibanna gas in the atmosphere as well as isotope five. The governor of the palace who reports to the emperor and empress while ensuring the protection capabilities of the fortress moons of the planet.
    • Dawnslight: Crafted by the Inosuke and based off of depictions of ancient areas. The sun swept moon where they have built the capital of the planet being able to oversee the gas giant and the other moons. Presented as a way to
    • Atrisian Transportation Network Hub: Created and connected to the Atrisian network of advanced transportation between the worlds and locations on the world.
    • Flame Dragons Fortress: Primary military moon, the largest with layered shielding, surface to orbit cannons and stations in place around it that coordinate heavy firing solutions for itself and the other fortress moons.
  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species:
  • Population: Heavy: Largely Military officers, support staff and those who are being used to fuel the Fortress world itself.
  • Demographics: Large Inosuke population with Lirans invited and other species from across the Commonwealth.
  • Primary Languages: Basic, Atrisian Script,
  • Culture: Largely adopting Atrisian cultural aspects with some Liran thrown in. Their advances in science and technology are an important part as they haave the largest moons and most space to function like a bulwark against threats even going so far to manipulate with stations the gravity of the moons. A means to draw ships to them and reinforced shielding so a fortress world needs to be encountered before heading deeper into the system. THey largely are Atrisian military and steadfastly loyal to the emperor and empress of the Commonwealth, with Inosuke who were violated and created being given worldss and a chance to live their lives adopting this to their liking. THeir ingrained loyal nature and subservience to the Emperor having them create a powerful series of moons that bring the best minds from the militaries of their united Commonwealth to produce ships, weapons and vehicles of war.
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Affiliation: Atrisian Commonwealth (Planetary Government)
  • Wealth: High: Maximizing what they are able to produce in hardware and supplies for the Atrisian military as well as ships that are sold and traded off to allies within the Commonwealth.
  • Stability: High: Focused and organized as a military operation. The terraforming efforts were made so that they would
  • Freedom & Oppression: Highly structured and organized. THe moons function as extensions of the Atrisian military and organize themselves with support staff. Families are generally kept off world on other planets in the system same with children not in the academies to be trained. They are loyal to the Commonwealth and the Emperor and Empress.
  • Military: The planet itself doesn't have its own military instead operating under the protection of the Atrisian Defense force and serving as one of the primary sources for ore and resources used in the construction of ships. Its cloning facilities are protected even more providing crew to the mines and ships.
    • Atrisian Defense Forces The royal navy is the primary military forces defending the stations and planet with it being the most internal and insulated with its own contingent of living areas and the terraformed moons that house science and military personnel.
    • Twi'lek Defensive Militia: Created from the new shipyards and made two function as a mixture defensive and evacuation craft. THe militia is meant to rescue exploited twi'leks and bring them to a safehaven.
  • Technology: Atrisian Standard: Heavy design on self sustaining technologies, terraforming and advanced research into weapons and starships. The Manufacturing facilities are pressed for military hardware and ships.
The ancient world of Tengoku or Atrisia VIII is largely left alone. It was within the system and served for pulling off course larger asteroids that might threaten worlds within the inner system but mostly it was aa gas giant with dozens of moons that were there. Cursory exploration and scans of it to know their system over the centuries say it there but it wasn't until the massive sweeping changes of the Jishi era that saw many of the worlds and moons within the system of Atrisi being used and worked on. Experimental rapid terraforming, improved technologies with the anshin used like the other worlds to create ship yards and haave them shared enough their production could not be threatened if one world fell under attack. Then well to follow through on promises and treaties.. the Inosuke were allowed to settle and make the moons their own should they wish. The terraforming that has been done to the moons and the Anshin, with their shipyards being set up and designed to function under naval academies. THe young age of the planets colonization is only within a year or two of their work throughout the entire system.
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