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Atia Santorus

Atia Santorus


Name: Atia Santorus

Faction: Mandolorians

Rank: Commander

Species: Galucus

Age: 30

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 180ilbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: None

Skin: Greyish

Force Sensitive: No
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Skilled in hand-to-hand combat
+Leadership skills
+Weapons expert
+Devoted and loyal

-Can sometimes be hard-assed when someone does not perform well
-Doesn't have much tolerance for force users

During battle or military proceduers she wears the usual Galucus armor, with the symbol of her faction painted on the chest plate. When off duty or shore-leave she'll wear the more casual wear.

The Santorus family was well known for being a military one. Throughout most of the wars the Galucus people went through some brave act or another was noted to have been done by a Santorus. Throughout the years the self-entitled role of being a high ranking military officer was an obligation to the Sontarus', all the way down to Burtus Santorus, the latest son in the family. When he and his wife, Savili, had finally had a child Burtus was excited to have a son and teach him to be a military man. However his hopes waned when he was gifted with Atia instead. Throughout the family line no female had ever taken the military rode, mainly the men doing so. But since Atia was Burtus' only child he had no choice but to try and make her into the more battle ready soldier he wanted her to be.

While some resentment was apparent in Burtus' eyes he still loved his daughter, only still wishing she was born his son. But Atia never waned from making er father proud. Her entire life became a matter or no funny business and all serious work, from grade school until she finally enlisted in the military academy. While not exactly the shining student of her class Atia performed highly enough to be among the top of her class. It impressed her father but did not exactly make him proud.

Thankfully for both Atia and Burtus' sake her day of glory came when the Galucus main city was attacked by enemy forces. Dispatched with the other troopers Atia and her company fought to take back a military base in the city that the enemy had taken. While most in her company died and Atia was captured she'd managed to rally a number of the other prisoners into a force against the enemy. Lives were lost but they held out long enough to bring reinforcements in to secure the base.

Her act awarded Atia with the rank of Commander and made her father proud, even until his death of natural causes. Since then Atia wants to make her father's spirit proud by being the first woman of the Santorus line to reach the higher ranks in the military.