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Athena Initiative


[ Out of Character Information ]
  • Image Source: Mass Effect: Andromeda
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Development Thread: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
[ Corporation Information ]
  • Corporation Name: Athena Initiative
  • Headquarters: Ansion
  • Locations: N/A
  • Operations: Exploration, Cartography, Scientific Research
  • Tier: II
[ Description ]
The Athena Initiative is formed around three primary goals as well as the operations that assist in the goals of the company. The goal of Athena is to locate planets capable of habitation, document species as well as participate in first-encounters with sentient species, and to establish colonies as safe havens against the chaos of the galaxy. These goals came about at the behest of each species that led Athena.

The Miln Calista Cairo knew of his species formerly vast colonies and population. Calista seeks to once more find suitable off-world planets for his species to one day establish minor Miln colonies, so he charts space where planets may or may not be suitable. Liran Asissa Mariti was consumed with the thought of documenting and discovering new species. A passion that turned into an obsession. While the exotic robotic sentient, X-17 was more interested in establishing safe havens and colonies on the planets Calista found, and with the help of Asissa they could assess if the wildlife or native sentients would permit such bastions.

The operations of the company work around this. Hiring out spacecraft for long voyages into the Unknown Regions, contracting cartographers, pilots, xeno-specialists, and mercenaries for basic guard duty of their vessel. With exploration of space comes the need for maps, and with the inspection of habitable planets comes the need for research into the wildlife. The three operations of the Athena Initiative work in conjunction with one another to achieve the success and goals of the company.

[ Rationale ]
Arutha is a contracted cartographer of the Athena Initiative. He is a minor figure in the company responsible for the charting of stars and systems he encounters. The Athena Initiative was started by a Liran explorer, Asissa Mariti, who sought to uncover more of the galaxy and reveal its many secrets. The board is comprised of Asissa Miriti, X-17, a Lost and a Miln, Calista Cairo.

Subsidiaries: N/A

Parent Corporation: N/A

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