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Approved Starship Asur Class Worldship

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Tegaea Alcori

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Asur Class Worldship


  • Intent: To create a large, safe non-combat worldship for exploration, colonisation, migration or for dissidents escaping persecution. This is a non-combat ship with very limited weapons, no attack craft and only below-average speed. The overall intent is to create some moveable centres for RPing and a way to move the faction between locations.
  • Image Source: Here. Artist unknown.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Firemane Industries & Technology
  • Model: FM-CW1a
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market must have permission to use.
  • Production: Limited
  • Material: Standard ship components.
  • Classification: Exploration/Habitat Ship
  • Length: 3000m
  • Width: 2500m
  • Height: 2000m
  • Armament: Very Low,
    Some fast-mount turbolasers.
  • Few ion cannons and turbolasers
  • All weapons mounted on the rim and front/rear of the ship.

[*]Defenses: Extreme
[*]Heavy redundant shield generators.
[*]Heavy armour plating.
[*]Extensive on board security forces and defences.
[*]Hundreds of quad lasers and point defence distributed evenly around the rim and front/rear.
[*]Few flak cannons.
  • Hangar: 10 dropship or transport squadrons. No fighter, bomber, interceptor or gunship squadrons. Berthing for 4 ships of cruiser size or smaller, and 2 of destroyer size or smaller.
  • Maneuverability Rating: Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Average: 2
  • Full habitation for 3.5 million individuals to start with, with expansion up to 5 million possible.
  • Fully self-sufficient with water, food, fuel and other resources for up to 10 years.
  • The glassteel panels of the ‘sky’ can be covered by two large armoured ‘domes’ of heavy durasteel to provide protection.
  • 6 berths, 4 of which can support up to cruiser size, and 2 which can dock with destroyers.
  • Contains all the components necessary for starting a new colony.
  • In emergencies can be adapted to carry 10 times the number of people for short durations.
  • Has an Enlightenment Quantum Communicator.
  • Worldship. The Asur is like a city on the move. It carries millions of people in a fully self-sufficient environment. The view out of the ‘sky’ is fantastic too!
  • Defences. Protecting the population is the number one concern, so the Asur is defended by the heaviest shields and armour plating available. Against attack craft it can create a veritable firestorm of flak.
  • Colony. The Asur has the people, materials and supplies to establish a new permanent colony. It can then wait in orbit until that is secure before moving on.
  • Non-Combat. The Asur is not a combat ship. It is slow and cumbersome, with almost no capital weapons. It carries no combat attack craft.
  • Dome. The vast dome of the ‘sky’ represents a weak spot. If the Asur is attacked before the clamshell cover can be closed, the potential for casualties can be catastrophic. Directly above the ship also has the least coverage from defence guns.
  • Engines. As a non-combat ship, the engines of the Asur are even more important than normal. If disabled the ship is helpless to escape.
  • Overcrowding. With proper space for only 5 million, the Asur must offload population into colonies every 15-20 years to stop the ship being overrun.
Never wanting to be caught out again by an event like the cataclysm at Kaeshana, as soon as the Eldorai were settled on Tygara they began planning ways of moving across the galaxy and colonising new worlds.
Interestingly, this was heartily embraced by many areas of the population, each with their own agendas. Firemane was happy to build these ships for these groups – so long as they paid in advance!
In the end there were 5 such worldships planned, but more could be built:
  1. Infinite Sky – Known as the ‘Queenship’, this craft was constructed by order of Queen Tirathana VII to spread the values of modern Eldorai society; enlightened despotism, toleration of religious non-conformists and integration with the Tygara natives. This ship is usually docked with the Ashira’s Light Skyport, occasionally setting up colonies in nearby systems.
  2. Providence of Ashira – To many Eldorai in the upper classes and nobility, the cataclysm on Kaeshana was a warning that the Goddess was angered by the turn to liberal ideals and toleration. Thus, this ship was created for the reactionary nobles who felt that strict Ashiran principles were being cast aside. This vessel has a very strict theocratic interpretation of the law from the ‘good old days’ along with the racism, misandry and rigidness this implies.
  3. Paragon of Faith – Similar to the Providence, there were many who felt that the Goddess was being lost in an era of enlightened despotism. Unlike those blue bloods though, the Paragon of Faith takes a more radical inclusive stance towards egalitarian religion. In what could be called a Reformation, they have abolished formal ecclesiastic ranks and returned to the teachings of the scriptures. They plan to settle worlds and join existing human and other races settlements as they pass by.
  4. Defiance – Many Eldorai, especially those who lived in the stars, became disillusioned by the theocratic nature of Eldorai society. This ship is quite Spartan in tone and population, with religious freedom and a strong atheist demographic. Many of those on board are soldiers and their families. This ship plans to leave Tygara behind and found new colonies on the far edge of space away from the constricting traditions of the past.
  5. Liorre’s Bounty – A long distrusted and disdained group in Eldorai society were the merchants. This ship, paid for by the Interstellar Merchant’s Guild, is the most active in seeking commercial opportunities with galactic society. Accompanied by a fleet of commercial and trade vessels, the ship hopes to become a travelling merchant republic, without religion or nobles getting in the way of profit.

In many ways, this was the culmination of the fracturing of the Eldorai people. Those who disliked the way matters were being handled had the tacit approval of the state to leave. This was advantageous to both sides; the government got rid of non-conformists, and the exiles got away from a government they no longer trusted to look after their interests.

Asur being the name of the Kaeshana system, it seemed a fitting name for these large worldships. Conceived as mobile cities, they were made to be able to survive for multiple years without docking again.
The basic shape was that of a hexagon with a rim around it, and a bridge at the front and engines at the rear. The central hexagon, taking up 80% of the length and 95% of the area, was carefully designed to hold several million people comfortably. Efficiency was the key, and so no space was wasted. Buildings 500m high tower above the streets, monorails circle and pierce the layout and each 6th of the city has its own suite of amenities. Every building has recreation areas and many have parks on top of them, as no space can be spared at ground level.

The most radical design though is the dome of the ‘sky’. With huge glasteel plates tessellated together, those on the ground and every apartment get a view of space in all its glory. It is a sight worthy of the project and prevents the citizens getting claustrophobic.
This sky though does represent a weak point though, so when travelling through hyperspace or if the ship is under attack two hemi-spherical half-domes can close over it, protecting the sky beneath metres of hardened durasteel.

To protect this city on the move Firemane spared no expense. As a non-combat ship the Asur cannot move very fast and has very few guns, so they put their efforts into defence. Very heavy armour, multiple overlapping and redundant shields and hundreds of defence guns all make the ship very hard to crack, even if it can’t do much harm in return.

In addition to the initially 3.5 million inhabitants a large number of droids are employed to assist. The Eldorai’s distrust of droids had to be dropped through necessity, and only very few protocol droids are employed. A force of 10,000 soldiers is permanently stationed, usually in the fore and aft, but this is supplemented by a militia of all adult civilians, many of whom are former soldiers themselves. Each family is required to keep a weapon secured at their home and each 6th of the city holds training and musters to keep skills sharp. All this means that the ship is extremely resistant to boarding but also if those on board settle they can defend themselves.

The end goal of the Asur is not necessarily endless journeying. Mainly, their objective is to find new places to settle, setup colonies and ensure that the colonists thrive before moving on. This serves as a safety valve, as well as helping the Eldorai to settle across the galaxy.

The Asur also are not above making money in various ways. As cruise ships they have certain hotels and areas set aside for visitors. They are also usually accompanied by a small fleet of ships which could be mining or trading ships working for the greater good.

Governance aboard the worldships varies greatly depending on their ideology. Suffice to say that the worldships often become extreme towards a mode of government be it Republic, Theocracy or Monarchy.

Overall the Asur is not designed for combat, though it can take a lot of hits and still keep trying to escape. Its main function though is to be a moving city, setting up new colonies and living the life of freedom/oppression its civilians want.
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