Star Wars Roleplay: Chaos

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Starting off with 1600M in length, Weighing 7,000,000 T, having a maximum acceleration of 3500 G and holding a max warp factor which is 7.5, with unknown power plants and power outputs. Ranging in merely 24 medium dual disruptor turrets, and carrying 56 quad anti fighter turrets, beholding 24 torpedo tubes, supported alongside 3 disruptor cannon turrets and 1 spinal disruptor beam cannon. Carries 60 drone fighters, 40 drone bombers, 20,000 drones, and 9500 soldiers for crew. 1 Avatar. My own custom would be (the massive size of the engines calculate atleast 5000 M in guessing width and a 2,500 length in M ranging from all the same cannons but having a capacity ranging in from 100,000 crew and more)Holding 300 cargo shipments and 100 Tie/F fury(DeviantArt)


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