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Fallen Angel


The first thing that is noticeable about Aspri beneath her cloak is her wings that are soft and elegant and black as the night sky, With various tattoos on her body that act as a story of her journey that she applies to body as she grows and continues her adventure. She is short for a Diathim with flowing long Jetblack hair that she lets flow free, High-cheek-boned face, Two enchanting eyes with irises the color of the green grass at 5'8. She is elegantly tall among humans she moves with grace yet a aura of uneasiness can be felt around her, But touch her or her sister and that calm elegant child turns into a brutal killing machine.


+Spells and magic: Aspri has dedicated her life to the art of darkside power and magic to a point that she can catch on quickly when learning or even just watching the power in practice.

+Flight: She can shapeshift her wings to keep them hidden but when she wants to actually fly she lets them soar like an eagle and she can cover great distances while in flight.

+Space Worthy The harshness of space to some would mean death in the most painful manner possible but to a Diathim it means nothing to them for a period of time, Aspri is no exception to this gift.

+Empath Perhaps the type of power one would expect to see from creatures known as angels, Aspri is a gifted empath. While this can have its downsides, it means that very few intentions or lies are hidden from the Diathim, except, perhaps, by the most powerful of force adepts or use it as a fuel source to feed off suffering or anger which unlike her sister has a almost empowering affect on her.

+Adaptive fighter : She has become a natural with any weaponry and level of combat to apoint that she can pick up a weapon and in a quick amount of time learn how to use it.

-Unique: How many people have you come across with a magnificent pair of wings behind them? Likely very few, highly possible, in fact, that Aspri or her sister might even be the only ones. This particular trait is difficult to hide and unforgettable, making the Diathim easy to make out in a crowd and difficult to go unnoticed.

-Naive: The only company she had was her former teacher so her knowledge of the outside world is limited making it not so difficult to manipulate but not a easy task.


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