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Approved Tech ASM Maelstrom-II

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Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
GI/AE tech approved



Intent: Anti-Fighter Screen Missile
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Leviathan Industries
Model: ASM [Anti-Fighter Sub-Ammunition Missile]
Affiliation: Galactic Imperium
Modularity: None
Production: Minor Production

-Missile Shell Casing: Durasteel
-Mini-Projectile Casing: Titanium

The ASM-Maelstrom-Mk II, is a Sub-Ammunition Anti-Starfighter Missile. The Mk II is the final production version compared to the Mk I which was used as an experimental proto-type after the conquest of Belkadan, and the various conflicts afterwards against the Braxant Sector pirate hordes.

General Design:
The Maelstrom-II is a Sub-Ammunition Missile. What this means is besides the main warhead there is a second section of ammunitions that are activated in a secondary detonation. The second warhead or warheads in secondary detonation is hence called Sub-Ammunition. However, for the Maelstrom the Sub-Ammunition is not one warhead but numerous smaller ones.

Design Details:
The Maelstrom-II was designed with the issue of large fighter screens in mind. The Imperium scientists of the Experimental Department of Leviathan Industries were tasked with creating a missile that would deal with the large starfighter volume capabilities of its neighbors. With this task set the scientists came up with a design that encapsulated the traditional cluster missile system, a system by which a large volume of small missiles are guided in a pack, into the casing of a single larger missile. The diagram below illustrates what has been dubbed the “Mini-Cluster System” below.

Outer Casing:
The Main casing of the Maelstrom-II is that of a regular Concussion Missile. The outer casing acts as a safe delivery system of the Mini-Cluster System to the target pack of starfighters. Upon arriving at the target the warhead of the Outer Casing Shell will detonate. The warhead for the Outer Casing is a repulsion detonation, rather than emitting an explosion it sets of an electrical charge that signals the wiring within the casing to activate the shell separation sequence. Upon initiation of the shell separation sequence the casing components of the shell will separate revealing the Mini-Cluster System inside.

Mini-Cluster system:
Mini-Cluster System Pod and Activation Illustration

The Mini-Cluster System is the Sub-Ammunition of the Maelstrom-II. It consists of 10 smaller projectiles tucked in to rocket launcher sockets on each of the three sides of the system-device. Upon the Outer Casing removing the launch sequence will activate and the entire pay-load of the Mini-Cluster system will activate launching the projectiles in a wide radius arc scattering over a large area. The system is designed to go off upon proximity to a fighter squadron in order to inflict maximum damage.

Mini-Cluster System in Detail:
Ammunition: Mini-Warhead Projectile
Description: Small projectile with warhead tip and short fuse shaft, approximately 80 centimeters in length inside rocket socket in a pod layout.
Payload: 30 Mini-Warhead Projectiles [10 each pod-side]
Type of Warhead: High-Explosive Warheads [HE]
Diameter Effect:
-Detonation in a Starfighter Pack: 150-250m
-Detonation outside a Starfighter Pack: 250-400m
Guidance System:
The main casing of the Outer Shell has installed within it a guidance system. Before being fired the missile can lock onto a small group of fighters, through a combination of Guidance Chip and the installation of Ace-6 Droid Brain to control the missiles’ path.
Further Notes;
The Maelstrom-II is designed to maim or destroy fighters. It is an indiscriminate multi-path system, by which missiles are scatter in a wide radius around the area that it has been fired at. The Mini-Missiles are high velocity short burst missiles, they aren’t designed to fire far because it is assumed when the system is activated there is a cluster of starfighter surrounding it. The missile can be fired from a standard capital ship warhead’s bay.

Misc. Note:
The Missile is often referred by the gunners as the "Belkadan Spark-Bug", in reference to the brilliant sparkles of the multiple mini-missiles going off being similar to swarms of Spark-Bugs which are bio-florescent insects native to Belkadan jungles. The pirates who survived the missiles first test run call it the "Cluster-Frack".

Classification: Missile
Size: Ship-Mounted [Warhead bay]
Status: Military
Length: 8m
Weight: 2m
Ammunition Type: High-Explosive Warheads
Ammunition Capacity: 30 Mini-Missiles
Effective Range: 4km
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