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Approved Tech ASM Maelstrom-II E-Type

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Akio Kahoshi

Peace through Order
GI Tech merged with AE, approved here

ASM-Maelstrom Mk-II [E-Type]

Intent: Electronic Warfare Missile
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Leviathan Industries
Model: ASM [Anti-Fighter Sub-Ammunition Missile]
Affiliation: Galactic Imperium
Modularity: None
Production: Minor Production [Limited]

-Missile Shell Casing: Durasteel
-Mini-Projectile Casing: Titanium

The ASM-Maelstrom-Mk II E-Type, is a Sub-Ammunition Anti-Starfighter Electronic Warfare Missile.

General Design:
The E-Type incorporates all the detonation mechanisms of the standard Mk-II Cluster System, however the E-Type mini-missiles are tipped with Magnetic Pulse Warhead. The Missile is designed to counter starfighter squadrons but can also be used to electronically damage ships, however, although it can damage ships the size of Star-Destroyer or larger its effect is limited and not the full degree it was designed.

The E-Type is an expensive project therefore; even in minor production its volume of creation is limited. Mostly the missile is purpose built for Anti-Fighter Cruisers and Starfighter Carriers only.

Mini-Cluster System [REVIEW]: [Already seen in the Maelstrom-Mk II submission, spoiler-tagged to keep length down]

Mini-Cluster System in Detail:

Ammunition: Mini-Warhead Projectile
Description: Small projectile with warhead tip and short fuse shaft, approximately 50 centimeters in length inside rocket socket in a pod layout.
Payload: 30 Mini-Warhead Projectiles [10 each pod-side]
Type of Warhead: Magnetic Pulse Warheads
Diameter Spread-Effect:
-Detonation in a Starfighter Pack: 150-250m
-Detonation outside a Starfighter Pack: 250-400m
Guidance System:
The main casing of the Outer Shell has installed within it a guidance system. Before being fired the missile can lock onto a small group of fighters, through a combination of Guidance Chip and the installation of Ace-6 Droid Brain to control the missiles’ path.
Further Notes;
The Maelstrom-II is designed to maim or destroy fighters. It is an indiscriminate multi-path system, by which missiles are scatter in a wide radius around the area that it has been fired at. The Mini-Missiles are high velocity short burst missiles, they aren’t designed to fire far because it is assumed when the system is activated there is a cluster of starfighter surrounding it. The missile can be fired from a standard capital ship warhead’s bay

Classification: Missile
Size: Ship-Mounted [Warhead bay]
Status: Military
Length: 2m
Weight: 50cm
Ammunition Type: Magnetic Pulse Warhead
Ammunition Capacity: 30 Mini-Missiles
Effective Range: 4km
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