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Askrut Fey'ra

Askrut Fey'ra

NAME: Askrut Fey'ra
FACTION: Republic
RANK: Padawan
AGE: 19
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.6m
WEIGHT: 70kg
EYES: Deep green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Tannish brown


Deep connection: Askrut has a deep connection to the Force, giving his healing a unique power.
Knowledgeable: Askrut has spent the last five years sense the accident in the Jedi library, forcing away the pain. As such, he has an academic knowledge of almost everything he could find.

Pasifist: Askrut knows little of combat out of choice, after a fatal accident in a sparing match with another padawan.
Compassionate: Askrut sincerely cares for the fate of others, to the point of not wanting to harm, and alwys willing to care for, another living being.

Beyond his standard Jedi robes and bothan features, Askrut almost no distinguishing features. However, his silent nature, and withdrawal from life as a whole has made him barely willing to speak,.or make friends. After all, he accidentally killed his last friend.


Askrut was born on Roon, living far outside the reach of the order. However, his parents, Sarld, his mother who had been a Jedi and Fenn, his father who had served under the CIS Templars, sent him off to the Republic, specifically to a knight by the name of Kalah, an old friend of his mother. The Bothan was raised in the temple on Tython, his unusually high force sensitivity apparent to any who he talked with.


As he progressed, his kind heart earned him a reputation among the padawans, as well as the butt of many of their jokes. However, only one ever dared approach the lonely soul. A young padawan, a warrior-poet to the n-th degree, and a rather pretty young bothan girl by the name of Jastrin. They began to spend time together, debating philosophy, complaining about how hardy their training was, and what they wanted to do as Knights. On this topic, however, he never knew why it seemed like a imposing, impossible task, but she was always confident of them making it. And she didn't want to do it without her "Heart", as she began to call him.


It would be hard to say if their growing love was noticed by others before them. But, in the end, they knew. She told him first, in a duel with simple training blades, with nothing but stun blades. He wasn't able to keep up enough of a defence, and multiple blows to his arms and chest nearly knocked him out. "If I was a Sith, you'd be dead by now, my heart" she had said to him. "Good thing you're not, then. I don't think I want to die just yet." She had smiled and poked him with the blade as he attempted to stand. "Mind sitting for a bit? There's something that I want to tell you." Obediently, he sat. "What is it?" He had asked. "Nothing, it's just....." She leaned in, kissed his cheek, and said, "I love you." and ran out. He sat, stunned, on the mat for a full minute before following her. But she was hiding from him.

It was a full week before he say her again. He had made a habit of sneaking out onto the roof to see the night sky, and on a night as clear as glass, she came to see him. It was the talk of the temple, and something that the masters didn't feel like stopping. She had known he was up there. And she needed to know how he felt.

She snuck up behind him, getting as close as she could on the cold stone. When she was next to him, he looked over, smiled, and returned to studying the sky. She had one question that night, as the object of her love stared into the stars, looking for the Byss system, and she needed an answer. "Do you love me?"

Her answer came in the form of their first true kiss, as he wasn't sure he trusted his words to reply. She had sank into him, her arms now around his neck, knowing that his heart was well and truly hers, for as long as he lived.


Two weeks of secret meetings and loving looks in the halls later, their relationship was brought to an abrupt end on the training grounds. They were doing their usual routine, running velocities, followed by a duel in their specialized styles, his Niman on her Makashi. But something went horribly wrong that day. A youngling had put live sabers where the training blades were, and they had grabbed them. The velocities had gone off without a hitch, but when their duel commenced, her parry was to slow to stop a slash on her chest. She had gone down, and he grabbed her, holding the dying girl in his arms, calling on all he could to heal her. But it was no use. She died in hos arms, whispering one last thing in his ear. "It's ok. You didn't know it was active. I love you."

His life would have ended there, the same blade that had killed her would have been activated into his chest, ending all the pain then and there, but the others there stopped him. He was forbidden to carry a lightsaber, not because he was considered dangerous, but simply because if he was allowed one, he would do exactly what he had attempted to do in the first place. And so he retreated to the library, reading everything, memorizing everything to keep the pain away.

Lightsaber Forms and Force Powers
Ranked from Novice, Basic, Average, Adept, Expert, Master

Shi-cho: Novice
Niman: Average

Healing: Adept
Farrseeing: Basic
Mind Trick: Novice
Basic understanding of most common force abilites, and philosophies, but unable or unwilling to attempt them.





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Askrut Fey'ra

@RC-252 "Galaar" good luck with the rest of the Jedi on Tython. You may have a bit of trouble getting to the library.

Askrut Fey'ra

Forms and Force Powers added.
Also, I'm guessing that my attempt at a tragedy is a bit unnerving, @[member="Sochi Ru"]?

Askrut Fey'ra

I can't seem to make anyone who's had a really good life. It's odd. I try and use what I fear most to create a character. And it usually ends up being rather dark.