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Ascension to The Horde (Faction)


Kneel Before Zod
Forgotten species, tribes, exiles, and governments. The Horde are all of these things combined, after the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong the fanfic race was pushed into a dead world filled with technology. A dead world of darkness, filled with the very thing that motivated the Vong to kill trillions in the wars with the new republic and mandalorians. The Vong needed to adapt to survive, which meant reaching across boarders and using what they hated the most. Technology, using technology they return to the galaxy to bring together all the forgotten and exiled people into one culmination of religion and vengeance. Vengeance for those who forgot them, vengeance for the people who ignored their cries for help.

Now growing and becoming stronger The Horde is ready to bring holy fire in their war against the heretics and people of no faith. This collection of races have many different beliefs and many different gods, but under the power and guidance of their gods they will have their vengeance and holy war against all those who had thought they faded into darkness and out of existence. The Horde shall have their day of proclamation and reclaim what was once rightfully theirs. From Yuuzhan'tar to Dathomir and every race who has been forgotten their mission is to bring it all back to them. All are welcome in the horde, from rouge force users and religious zelots. To battle hardened soldiers, the forgotten will rise and take back the galaxy from the chaos.