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Ascendant Industries

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Ascendant Industries
"To the top, never looking down."
Logo of Ascendant Industries

Corporation Name: Ascendant Industries
Locations: Csilla, Sposia, Ornfra, Noris, Schesa, Mobus, Bastion, Wayland
Operations: Starship Manufacturing (Primary), Cloning and Medical Technology (Secondary), Weapons Manufacturing (Small Arms)
Rationale: Utilizing contacts throughout Chiss space and wealth and influence granted by House Nuruodo, Vad'avi'nuruodo came to acquire a series of marketing investments and business plans that led to the formation of Ascendant Industries. His military expertise and gradually growing reputation in service of the Fel Imperium garnered influence from the public and thus granted him numerous workers and the company was kicked off for personal ventures and Fel service.
Tier: 2

Description: In similarity to Chiss politics, its industrial systems and economic basis follow in a like manner. Cold business and cunning were must-haves in such an environment, Vad'avi'nuruodo of the Thrawn bloodline especially exhibited such tendencies, almost as if he were still on the battlefield. Acquired through a teeming mass of bureaucracy, Davin managed to scramble together investments from interested proprietors to begin funding his ventures in the military and political world, but it was never enough. He needed his own source of income and fast.

During a journey home to gather more intelligence regarding the Atrisian Empire and the likes of remaining Chiss governmental statuses, the Grand Admiral was approached by his advisors and contacts with a proposal to start his own company to dominate the galactic economy and secure an income. With his recently discovered ancient cloning technology left behind by his ancestor, Thrawn, an idea sparked in his mind. His army would need weapons, equipment, and even starships to begin their conquest of the galaxy. Not only that, the Fel Imperium needed his armaments and contracting almost as badly as he himself did. In conjunction with the current Imperator, Ronin Fel, Davin and he secured a contract as well as a sponsorship to ensure a steady supply line to create Imperium technology.

Based on his homeworld of Naporar, the company spread outward throughout Chiss space and aligning planets. Mining and resource development projects began immediately to maintain a steady stream of supplies while the Fel Imperium relayed funding to keep the research and development operational. Several factories and main facilities are based on Naporar with the majority housed on other Chiss planets. The cloning facilities rest upon the fairly hidden world of Wayland, all guarded by Ascendant Industry security personnel. For future prospects, Ascendant Industries had been looking to tie-in with resource mining and intelligence gathering markets.

Development Threads:
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