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Approved Tech Ascendancy Black Trooper Armor

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  • Manufacturer: Ignus Industries
  • Model: AI-22 Armor
  • Affiliation: The Sith Ascendancy, Ascendancy Intelligence
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Minor
  • Material: Armorweve, Duraplast, Spector Gloss

  • Classification: Multi-Purpose Armor
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Quality: 7

  • Heads up display.
  • Built in com.
  • Rebreather built in for deep space.
  • Sealed thermoguard bodyglove for deep space.
  • Wrist mounted datapad.
  • Spector Gloss covers electronic and heat signatures.
  • FrictionGrip Gloves.
  • Jump Servos.
  • Mag Boots.


The Black Trooper Armor is an advanced version of the Ascendancy's Trooper Armor made to serve the Ascendancy's Special Forces in any situation imaginable. It has all of the standard issue equipment; Hud, in helm coms, rebreather, wrist mounted datapad. They serve the same function as what the normal trooper would expect.

What makes them stand out however is the inclusion of Spector Gloss. Layered on top of all surfaces the substance makes the wearer and their electronics invisible to a wide range of heat and electronic sensors. This does not mean they're invisible to the eye, just to sensors.

A thermalglove bodysuit keeps the soldier warm in the dead of space, where many operations will be held. The rebreather which helps filter toxins by recycling the air within the suit also helps the soldier survive in space. FrictionGrip gloves are included to help in space as well, giving the soldier the ability to grab a hold of the sides of ships. Mag boots do the same as the gloves, but with magnets.

Jump Servos help the wearer jump almost silently and much farther than one normally could, though this does require training.

  • Suitable for use in in a vacuum: rebreather and sealed suit ensure protection for the wearer.
  • Ablative armor capable of resisting damage from blasters (up to 2-3 shots)
  • 'Invisible' to sensors that detect EM or Infared signatures.
  • FrictionGrip gloves allow grip on slick surfaces.
  • Jump Servos allow the wearer to jump farther and higher.

Weaknesses :
  • Expensive: due to the costs of the technology onboard, this armor is not standard-issue, and is only able to be produced in limited numbers.
  • Vulnerable to explosions and fire damage.
  • Bodyglove and joints of the armor are less protected.
  • Vulnerable to impact/kinetic damage (particularly from kinetic weapons).
  • Use in space is time-limted: has sufficient supplies to enable the user to survive in a vacuum for no longer than an hour.
  • Jump Servos don't work as well without a surface to jump off of, so empty space makes them useless.
  • Jump Servos require training to use.


The Black Troopers of the Ascendancy Special Forces are trained to fight both in space and on land. Because of this they needed armor that could work in both, and AI-22 armor was made. Given many missions would be held in space the armor was painted pitch black to help hide the soldiers as they traveled through space to enemy ships for infiltration.

It holds the same resistances as the core armor of the Ascendancy. Blasterfire can be resisted up to two or three shots before it would give way. The thicker plates help defend against projectile weapons as well. The Thermoguard Bodyglove helps seal body heat in, allowing the wearer to survive deep space.

This armor is not standard issue, and is only given to the Special Ops Force within the Ascendancy. Just like the normal trooper armor however they have an issue code marked on the back of their armor to identify them in case of death in mission.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug

This seems like a slight more advanced trooper armor. You've done well balancing strengths and weaknesses and I feel good approving this.

I do need you to add an image source however.
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