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Asaros Vautur

Asaros Vautur

Asaros Vautur


NAME: Asaros Vautur
FACTION: The Galactic Republic
RANK: Crown Prince of the Clarines Kingdom of Tanaab
AGE: 12
HEIGHT: 5'3"
WEIGHT: 97lbs
EYES: Cobalt Blue
HAIR: Black
SKIN: White


(+) Intellect: Being raised to a noble, wealthy family, Asaros was given the best education he could ever have. The young prodigy quickly and easily passed through his studies, his intelligence and learning skills rivaling even those of professors and military generals.

(+) Trained: Asaros learned that the galaxy was a hard place to live in, prodding his parents to allow him to learn a martial form. Teras Kasi was his chosen field and easily learned the fundamentals and basic martial skills of the form.
(-) Youth: Being so young, he is often looked down upon by almost everyone he meets. They're quick to judge and assume the young boy is un-intelligent and naive.
(-) Experience: Although a fast learner and intellectual, Asaros lacks the basis of leadership. Experience, his ascent to the throne was quick and unprepared, giving him little time to progress and mature.
(-) Stature: He is small for his age and thus he lacks the muscle mass to perform more advanced moves in Teras Kasi or anything, for that matter.


Whatever he chooses from the Royal hangar.

Asaros Vautur was born to King Veonidus Vautur and Queen Petra Vautur on Tanaab. His parents were of noble blood, heirs to the throne of the Clarines Kingdom on Tanaab. The Kingdom was erected by his Great Grandparents, both of which were prominent individuals in the corporate field and amassed enough wealth to begin their rule. The Clarines Kingdom encompassed a fairly large portion of Tanaab's southern hemisphere, making good use of the fertile lands to increase agricultural exports to build the erecting kingdom.

Being nobility, Asaros was immediately subjected to the finest education his parents could find. Little did he know, the Force was coursing through his veins, giving him the gift of learning and knowledge as he excelled in his studies. An only child, he was given anything he asked for, yet he did not grow selfish nor greedy. His bored attitude was coupled with logic, progressing the boy into a capable leader and thinker. Soon enough, the young Vautur was named the Crown Prince of Clarines, giving him actual authority over the people of his kingdom. His parents made the right decision in doing this, as they were both killed that night.

The night of Asaros's coronation, both of his parents were assassinated in their sleep by mercenaries hired by corporate enemies of his ancestors. A blazing fire erupted in the boy's soul, his instincts kicking into gear in conjunction with his intelligence to quickly scour the lands in search of the assassins. Asaros's soldiers caught the murderers days later, a pair of Trandoshan mercenaries were found guilty and publicly executed.

Without parents, Asaros began to unfold his life as the Crown Prince of Clarines with the guiding hand of the Force.




Secure your people's future. Isn't what you desire the most along with punishing those responsible for the murder of your parents? I can teach you so that what happened to you will never ever happen again. All you need to do is trust my advice. :D

Will Venza

Daxton..... stop those games of yours, if he is as smart as he claims then he won't go with ya. :p
Why not? If he is smart, he would accept my offer. Together we would build a world where his people would never be oppressed, their borders secure and prosperous. I can guide him so no enemy would dare attack his world.

All I need to do is show him the truth about power.

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