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Asar Anchti

Asar Anchti


NAME: Asar Anchti
FACTION: Sith Empire
RANK: Sith Apprentice
AGE: 20
SEX: male
HEIGHT: 1.82m
WEIGHT: 75kg
EYES: Can't be seen due to goggles
HAIR: none
SKIN: Brown-Orange


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ strong connection to Force
+ intelligent

- temperamental
- overly confident

Young, agile Kel-Dor with nothing to stand out of the crowd, only if he didn't wear his red armour all the time.


Early life
Asar never knew his father. His parents met in one of Dorin’s spaceports and spent only one night together. And even though Asar inherited the surname from his smuggler father, Thorian Anchti, he was raised in mother’s family of Baran Do sages called Koons.

After Gulag Plague, Baran Do sages decided to live in secrecy. When Asar in age of 10 manifested his connection to the Force, his uncle Darioh, master of Baran Do, started to train him. The young Kel-Dor showed a lot of promise. However, what neither Darioh nor other Asar’s teachers, not even his mother, could see was the emotions Asar was hiding inside him. He hated everything and everyone – his family for being cowards and hiding, his father for leaving him, everyone. This led to the incident a week after his 16th birthdays. He was defeated by one of his fellow Baran Do students during sword training. That wouldn’t be anything special, only if Asar wasn’t in one of his grim moods.Furthemore the poor guy started mocking him. This time Asar couldn’t hold back his emotions and fired lightning against the bullier. Although it was harmless sparkle and Asar was quickly pacified by the teacher, he couldn’t deny the looks of the all people attending – scorn, fear, sadness. For the first time in his life he used force to harm others. A part of him liked it, a part of him screamed from horror. He was so confused. So he ran away..

Later that day, when he calmed himself, he went back home. There, he overheard a conversation of his mother and his uncle. They were talking about him being very similar to Kraath. That caught Asar’s attention as he never heard that name before. It was a lengthy conversation and when it ended, Asar quickly got into his room, packed his stuff and ran away from home. He had just found out he had another uncle, one that joined the Dark Side. Asar decided to find him.

Life of a rogue
When Asar reached Dor'Shan he had only few items with him and no ship to leave the planet. That was the time he decided to use The Force for his own gains once again. The Kel-Dor found one of the illegal casino. There he used his precognition powers during game of Sabacc, which brought him a grand prize - YT1930 transport. As one could expect, Asar was accused from cheating, but as he never used his powers in public no one could prove anything. With a basic pilot training Asar was able to get into the space, where he wandered for almost a year before he found his uncle. During this time, the Kel-Dor tried to hone his Force powers, but no matter how hard he tried he could only levitate small to medium objects while improving his precognition talent. He could practice only sparsely during free time, though. Most of his time was spent on the hauling jobs that he needed to provide food for himself and fuel for the ship.

Academy years
In age 17, Asar finally stood in front of his uncle. Only then he realised Kraath and Darioh were twins. But this one looked more powerfull, more imposant, more terrifying. Kraath noticed Asar’s curiosity and felt his connection to the Force. He decided it may have been worth to get his nephew to the Dark Side. The Sith Lord made necessary calls and arranged Asar’s admission to Korriban's Sith Academy. When Asaar was leaving for the Academy, Kraath gave him a data holocron as a gift, with a promise everything stored there will have meaning once Asar graduate the Academy.
The life in the Academy was tough and it got worse once the word of Asar's origin spread among the others. He was bullied from both his teachers and stronger acolytes. Even the weaker ones used to attack him in groups from time to time. However, instead of giving up, every such situation only strenghtened Asar's soul. He excelled in Force techniques. Although his sword fighting wasn't excelent, he could stand against other acolytes. Despite sword trainer's warning, Asar was obsessed with Shien/Djem So sword technique, with reverse two-handed grip. Once the Kel-Dor mastered the technique on the same level as the rest of students did other tehcniques, Asar was able to fight and even win on regular basis during the training fights.
After three years, Asar decided it's time to leave the Academy. When he confronted his teachers about his desire to graduate, they agreed but only because they were convinced he couldn't do it. Their surprise was almost tangible when Asar passed all trials. As the self-imposed trial, Asar decided to create his personal lightsaber. After several errors and few spent months, Asar left the Academy as fully trained Sith with his lightsaber on his belt.
When Asar graduated, he was sent to Dromund Kaas to await new orders and receive master for furthering his training. He waited there for several months without anyone contacting him. The orders never came. Dromund Kaas was invaded by Mandalorians. Asar fought the enemy, but was beaten. Regardless of his defeat, Dromund Kaas was doomed as Mandalorians started bombardment of the planet by asteroids. Asar barely fled the planet in his ship. He returned to Korriban to find a master that would help him to improve his skills. Although nobody worthy was found on Korriban, he received contat on somebody called Darth Avara. Asar found this dark knight on planet Tatooine, where he started his training under new teacher.


Lightsaber skills:
Soresu - novice
Shien/Djem So - adept

Force skills:
Force telekinesis - adept
Precognition - adept
Force Fear - novice

1 x Modified Sith Armor
1 x Lightsaber
1 x Data Holocron





Best Served Cold: The Sacking of Dromund Kaas{Mandalorian Invasion of Dromund Kaas}

There's always a room for improvement

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