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As The World Falls Down...

the bedbound bard
The ravine spread out before her, imposing itself upon the world, several hundred feet tall... It even managed to blot out the insistent sun, which was perhaps the sweetest part for Saeldar. Too long had she been squinting in the harsh sunlight of Sernpidal, her eyes were grateful for the rest. Despite the heat elsewhere, the valley which had naturally formed cast the surrounding area in shadow, chilled to the point of discomfort. There was no trace of the warmth the sands held in the air, which was thick with dust, as though a sandstorm had recently passed through, and failed to settle afterwards. She might have found it suffocating, but Saeldar ignored it all; the weather, the air, the ravine itself, it was trivial...

In order to pass to Sernpidal City she was required to pass through this very ravine... Or at least, if she wanted to reach the City within the next week, she was encouraged to. But Saeldar still had to climb up to it's base... As the ravine was raised in comparison to where she stood. This had been a personal trial of hers, a way for her to adapt swiftly to change, but it didn't stop her despising every moment of it. Raising her left arm she gripped into the sandstone and began to pull herself up, swinging the right hand to grasp higher up the rockface. For someone with little body-strength it was a task in itself to climb to the ridge which began the ravine itself... And when she finally reached the top, Saeldar was exhausted.

But she could not pause. So she pushed on, a certain determination having entered her step. Sernpidal was one of her favourite planets... But at present she loathed its existence. Perhaps I ought to have chosen a planet I already despised, that way I wouldn't lose anything by it... But Sernpidal had been the perfect planet for the task, even in her frustrated state she knew that. Her hands were raw, her legs had begun to ache... But she knew it would be worth it in the end, when the sight of the City appeared on the horizon. There would be no halting, no breaks, Saeldar was intending to push herself to the very limit...

She had slacked too much in this aspect of her training, that which dealt with her health, her physical capabilities, her ability to endure not only physical hardship but also terrain and weather that was out of her comfort zone. Five days had passed since she left her ship, and in that time she'd had minimal sleep, food or water. All the same she felt wide awake, and in many ways more alive than ever before. Saeldar was determined to prove to herself, even if the only person to know of the achievement was Saeldar.

@[member='Dranok Lussk']

Judas of Vahl

Beyond Broken
At that exact moment in time, a surge bellowed through the endless waves of the galaxy. It was not a cry for help or a sout of anger, but a calling. A calling only one would understand, the only one who meant something who meant something it its caller. That caller was Dranok Lussk, a broken man once restored, twice fallen. That second time had only happened recently, the 7 years he'd been separated from his daughter tore at his soul, prodding him endlessly until his being sat at the ledge of the abyss of darkness. As with any unsecured climber, there comes a risk of venturing to the heights of the mountains of light, and so with that taken into consideration, that climber fell. The broken being savored his residence at the peaks for a short time before shadowy winds and memories shoved him off.

And he'd fallen in the wrong place, yet it felt so right. He felt like running away, yet his honor demanded that he stayed put until he met his fate. Hopefully his destiny wouldn't end in a murky cloud of hatred, but a string of light bursting through the storm clouds of despair.

And so, the lone, dark hooded figure made its presence known off in the outskirts of the city.

He would wait, alone.

@Saeldar Sorry for the late post, I really am so sorry. I finally remembered that this thread was here and I plan on going through with it.
the bedbound bard
@[member="Dranok Lussk"]

And the call was felt by Saeldar, tugging on her as she made her way through the heat-filled ravine. It was familiar, but in a way that made her want to reject it. Yet how can I, when the Force pulls me on?" There was no way for her to do so, and thus she continued on anyway. As she came closer to the source the child could feel the presence of who owned it ~ her Father. The man she had tried, in vain, to forget. It seemed that the Galaxy had other plans. Would he know his daughter by sight, with her short-cropped black hair? It had been six years since they had last seen one another, back when she was in Daxton's care, just before the Jedi caught her... So much had changed since then. Kara wasn't even herself.

When she finally reached the city the child stood many feet away from the source of the calling and the gates themselves, simply staring. It was apparent that she was the one who had answered the Force Calling, but at the same time the hostility surrounding her could make even the girl's Father wonder if he had the right person...