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Artisan Beskar

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Mishka Larraq

Farmer's Daughter
Intent: To make a fancy new metal
Image Source: NA
Canon Link: Mandalorian Iron
Restricted Missions: NA
Primary Source: NA

Homeworld: Mandalore
Manufacturer: House Larraq Plate and Blade
Model: Artisan Beskar ("Kih'kando Beskar" in Mandoa)
Affiliation: Restricted Sales
Modularity: Moderate
Production: Semi-unique (only Technology submissions can be made from this)
Material: Beskar Ore and a unique combination of supporting elements in the forging process

Classification: "Lightweight Beskar" Metal
Weight: Light
Resistance: Extreme
  • Blasters: Extreme
  • Kinetic: Extreme
  • Lightsabers: Extreme
  • Other: Highly conductive to Electricity
Color: Blue

  • Made of Beskar Ore
  • More durable than Phrik, Less durable than traditional Beskar
  • Heavier than Phrik, Lighter than traditional Beskar
  • Comparable to Mandalorian Steel in Weight
  • It's blue

Traditionally, the practical weakness of Beskar is that it is a very heavy metal. With this metal, that 'heavy weight' weakness has been removed and replaced with a new weakness. The new weakness for this metal is that it is highly conductive to electricity. Additionally, a marginal reduction in overall durability has been added for "lore" purposes. For all practical effects though... It's the same as Beskar.

  • Almost identical to traditional Beskar in terms of durability
  • Much lighter in weight than traditional Beskar
  • Highly Conductive to Electricity
  • Slightly less durable than traditional Beskar

An old formula of House Larraq, Artisan Beskar is created through minor variations to the ancient tradition of forging beskar, as well as trading out a handful of additives for alternative, superconductive substances. The result, known in Mandoa as "Kih'kando Beskar" (lightweight beskar), is significantly lighter than traditional beskar while only suffering a trivial reduction in overall durability. Not without its own set of troubles, Artisan Beskar suffers from a significant increase in conductivity which makes it, typically, a poor choice for personal armor in spite of its extreme reduction in weight.

Occasionally used in daggers and other blades, Artisan Beskar is typically only used in weapons and armor when great care has been taken to protect the user from electrocution. Though rarely ordered, Artisan Beskar is sometimes used in high value electronics where durability is a major concern.
Hello, I'll be taking care of you this evening. Let's get to it!

Mishka Larraq said:
Restricted Sales
Please set this as Closed-Market.

This submission is EXTREMELY unbalanced. What I see here is taking away one of the only weaknesses of beskar, that it is heavy. Also, with the resistance levels all set at Extreme, I do not see ANY difference in resistance than normal Beskar.

You have a few ways of going about this to where we balance out the resistances, however there is no way I am approving three extreme ratings for the main resistance categories. Please lower your ratings and adjust appropriately.

Mishka Larraq said:
Other: Highly conductive to Electricity
Also, I need an actual rating here.

A lightweight fully powered beskar is not going to be approved here. So you'll need to have this balanced out to get approved.

[member="Mishka Larraq"]

Mishka Larraq

Farmer's Daughter
[member="Adron Malvern"]

I disagree on about every point you've made and felt it was a fairly straightforward exchange of weaknesses.

I could remove the electrical conductivity entirely and for all practical effects it would simply be Phrik with the added weakness of being slightly heavier than Phrik.

Also, it's not intended to have any significant difference with Beskar. Because it's Beskar. It's intended to be a custom variation of Beskar to use interchangeably with Beskar on personal items like shields, swords, exc. I just moved the existing weakness of Beskar over to something entirely different but still significant to roleplay.

Anyway... Clearly you disagree and I'm not interested in trying to change your mind. So if you're not willing to work with it the way it is, just toss it in the archives.
<p>This submission has been denied and moved to the Archives.<br /><br />You may request a Second Chance within the Factory Discussion Forum and tag [member="Jamie Pyne"] for review.<br /><br />Thank you!</p>
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