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Arthur Cath

Jak Skirata

NAME: Arthur Cath
FACTION: Army of Light
RANK: Aprentice
SPECIES: Near-Human Mix {Exonard, Unkown}
AGE: 19
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
WEIGHT: 187 lbs.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: White
SKIN: Pale


  • Battle-Born: His Exonardian heritage has left Arthur with a variety of things, his most prized being his uncanny knack for combat and sword play. This along with his incredibly high pain threshold leaves him with more fight left in him than the average human when the going gets tough.
  • Force Brutality: Though unknown to him, Arthur is Force Sensitive. What he does know is that when he thinks of all the things the Colosseum has put him through he can fight longer, move faster, jump higher, and hit harder. He doesn't understand why, but these things just happen and when he fights in that dirt circle, that's all he can think about. Rage is a Hell of an anesthetic.
Force Powers:
  • Force Body {Novice}
  • Force Leap {Novice}
  • Alter Strength {Novice}
  • Frozen, not Warmed: Exonad's cannot eat foods such as meat in the same way most sentient beings would, making them difficult to cater for. Cooked food can make them very ill. Though he is not full Exonardian, this still applies to Arthur unfortunately and he must eat all of his food either raw or frozen.
  • Force Fail: Due to the simple nature of Arthur's mind and understanding he is unable to grasp the more graceful of the Force powers, cutting off all but the bare minimum of the Sensory powers, and much of the Alter powers. He can't use them now, and he never will.
  • Can Sense Others who are Force Users He gets a tingly feeling when there is a powerful enough person.
  • Hypersensitive Eyesight: Exonad's' eyes have adjusted to the dark, which makes any sudden, bright light disorientate them. Many are also susceptible to photosensitive-epilepsy should they be exposed without prior conditioning. Sometimes an Exodad is born with white, lifeless eyes, making them blind, a counter-productive evolutionary gene gone-wrong. In Arthur's case it takes him a long while to adjust to sudden bright light so moving from the low light of a starship into the blinding sunlight of a sunny beach day will leave him in pain and with extreme blurred vision for several moments.


Arthur's first memories are of tall men, tugging him along and into a bright Colosseum and telling him to fight. To kill. To survive. In actuality slavers had come to the planet of Exocron, hoping to score big on the primitive Near-Human species. What the didn't expect however is for every single one of their captives to boil alive in the insanely warm and cluttered cargo hold they had herded them into. Arthur's family died that day, or at least what he knew of it, his mother and fellow tribesman. In desperation, they chained the boy and sold him into slavery.

The young pup traveled from old crinkly hand to old crinkly hand, each new owner proving to not be strong enough to contain the angry bundle of joy that was an adolescent Arthur. During his time among the strange, weak old men and their delicious pets he received many beatings, none of which hurt him initially. Due to his species' sense of pain he would not feel the pain until late into the night when he would awake in uncontrollable spasms of pain. One night this pain was so great, it threw him into a blind rage. He ripped open his cage and killed his master.

All these years however, became a blur once he became the property of a man who put him against other men and creatures in a fight to the death. His new owner was part of an illegal fighting ring that spanned the galaxy. He was put into a variety of fights, from Shock Boxing to gladiatorial death matches against various deadly animals. His new owner however, could see the strength he possessed and knew that it was not natural. He knew Arthur had access to the Force, and so he was collard with one of the Sith's Force Collars when he was not in the ring.

He quickly learned basic from this new owner and learned how to properly fight. He was taught the art of war by a dirty Mandalorian. His education included hand-to-hand, Mandalorian sword play, marksmanship, and how to read, write, and speak Basic as well as huttes. A friendship between Arthur and the Mandalorian grew, the Mandalorian being the one to name him sometime around his 19th birthday. Inevitably he picked up Mando'a and by the age of 19 he was an established fighter in this illegal ring. With all the money he was bringing in to his owner through the fights he won, one would think he would get treated better, at least a small amount due to his popularity. This was not the case.

As he won more and more fights, each loss brought on harsher and harsher punishment, sometimes to the point where he would be forced to eat whatever creature he slew that day. He would often show up to fights beaten and bruised, but not to the point of collapse or permanent damage.

And so he continues to fight.

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