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Artemis, Daughter of Zyion


Like Lightning

  • Full name: Artemis, Daughter of Zyion
  • Preferred Name: Artemis Nightstalker
  • Alias: N/A
  • Titles: Nightstalker
  • Species: Hellyni
  • Homeworld: Hora
  • Faction(s): The Jedi Order, Iron Empire
  • Rank(s): Jedi Master
  • Class: Hunter, Scout, Sniper
  • Master(s): N/A
  • Padawan(s): N/A
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Force Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28 Galactic Standard Years
  • Height: 6' even
  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Complexion: ​Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Luna Silver
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown, Borderline black.
  • Distinguishing Marks: A long burn scar from left shoulder blade to mid-center back.
  • Voice Sample: TBD
  • Appearance description: X
|| Orientations ||
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Sexual Conduct: Asexual/Ace-Romantic
  • Languages: Galactic Basic, Hellynic
  • Occupation: Huntress, Force User, Bounty Hunter,
  • Residence: Hora, Generally moves wherever she needs to go.

  • Lightsaber combat: ​As one of the Hellyni, Artemis is competent with the use of a Lightsaber. She is able to hold her own, but has no real form with the weapon, nor is she one to draw on a lightsaber. More often than not, she will pull a trigger than push a button.
  • Home on the Range: Artemis is best suited with ranged weaponry. Hand her anything with a trigger, and a pair of sights, and she can blast you into next week. She knows her ins and outs with just about any firearm she can come across.
  • Lost in the Woods: Survival is key. Having to live away from the main cities of Hora can teach you a lot on how you can live alone. Even more so when the person teaching you has been doing the same for almost their entire life. Survival and the will to live can hold many advantages in fights, surviving alone, being conservative with supplies, and much more.
  • Military Training: Having fought in the City-state wars that have pervaded the planet of Hora for years after she moved to Makrosia, she has been taught all about the military tactics, fighting in hand to hand combat, even more with the lightsaber, use of other weapons, and having the overall training in keeping oneself alive. Having recently been promoted to General over the Makrosian Army by Princess Thalia in the what is now being called the "War of Ages" Artemis may have more on her plate than expected.
  • The Force is my Rifle: Artemis is very powerful in her use of the force. Resorting to Telekiesis more often than not, or using other powers to keep her hidden from people she would rather not see or meet.
  • Hellyni Heritage: The force is a great tool. One that Artemis uses all she can. However, All Hellyni are immune to mental effects. Thus, she cannot be attacked by mentalists, nor can she have helpful abilities like Telepathy be used for her aid.
  • Discovery of Inheritance: Artemis is the Daughter of Zyion. A man who was once a man of honor, and was cast out due to the relations he had with his wife. The two separating, Her father leaving his wife behind with their unborn son. She still tries to find any and all information about what happened to her mother, and brother. Whoever it may be, she hopes to find them in the future, and will stop at nothing to reach it.
  • Lone Wolf: Typically Artemis is a lone wolf sniper. Using distance to keep her foes from seeing where she is. Dealing with them without them ever seeing her.
  • Ambidextrous: Artemis is able to use both of her hands to the best proficiency possible. She can use both hands with very close to the same ability with weapons, writing, or anything else. Great for a soldier, or anyone in general.
  • Ladies Man: Standing over six feet tall, and weighting more than some other Male humans can be rather... strange for her situation. Some men may feel different when being around her. Having a rather tall, and physically stronger woman around them if they aren't used to it. Even more so with her Warrior and Soldier Like background.
  • The Heart is Strong: Having a heart is a good, and a bad thing. She can be rather caring for many kinds of people. Even those she may not know. There are always people above her, and people below her in the food chain. She helps out both whenever she can. People are people. No matter who you are.
  • High metabolism: Artemis has a higher than normal metabolism. Meaning she needs to eat more to stay in constant shape, as well as require more to do in order to keep her body in good physical condition.
  • Poisons: Artemis can easily die from poison or toxic substances, it only takes half the dose required to kill humans, to kill her.
  • Sister Soldier: Artemis is very attached to those she spends "combat time' with. This could mean anything from someone she works with, family, or just spars with on the occasion. Once she is attached to the person, its hard for her to not let go of them, or to not leave them behind. Even acting like a sister, or even a Mother figure to some.
  • Close Quarters: Artemis may be a sureshot with a rifle or a pistol in her hands. But try and force her to fight up close? She is going to have some problems. She can handle herself against most other people. But anyone that has years worth of close combat experience and training will clearly be able to overtake her with ease. While she does carry a Lightsaber just in case someone decides to fight her with one, she is more often than not going to shoot First.
  • Partly Deaf: From shooting weapons for years on end, Artemis' right ear has little to no ability to hear from it. Making it difficult for her to keep aware of people to her right or just hear people talking if her left ear is covered. It also messes with the position of someone due to her hearing problem.
  • Allergic to Kolto: Should someone be injured, they are normally healed up with some kind of Kolto usage. However, as Artemis is allergic to it, she will have to use other means of medicines to heal herself.
  • Asexual/Ace-romantic: Artemis is not one for having sex, or even romantic relationships. While she has many friends, they will all most likely stay within the friend zone.
  • Social Norms: Artemis is not always understanding of the society and their various cultures other than her own. Being around men almost all of her life in the military, she got used to being the only female of the group, and was treated like a man, yet when put in situations where she is supposed to act "Lady-like" she may not be that way. You will find her in slacks, and a t-shirt, or a suit of armor rather than a dress. If you do find her in one, then Hell has frozen over.



Like Lightning

The force is a tool. That is what has been taught to Artemis her entire life. She is a woman that can understand and use the force to her needs, but understands that there may be others that have abilities and skills that would put her to shame. Her job is to hunt down a target, find them, perform recon, or even take the person into custody. Despite that, she rarely kills anyone. Even more so, if she does kill someone, she ends it as quick and as painless as she can. Generally using a pistol, or using the force to quickly snap them.

Artemis is all about the ranged fighting. Using weapons to their best ability, and should someone get close, she can deal with them, but will eventually become overpowered if she doesn't somehow get out of that fight, and find a better advantage to fight from, or completely leave the fight to enter at a different angle. She is fine working solo, but also works very well with others. Using her skills to not directly combat others, but to be in an more supportive role providing cover fire, and using her abilities to take out foes that would otherwise overpower her by stealth and deception.

|| POWERS ||
Telekinesis - Master - Telekinesis is the broad term for any kind of force power that directly influences an object or a person. This could range from Force push, blast, and whirlwind. However, most notably Artemis uses Ballistakinesis. An ability that allows her to throw items with the force a very high speeds, and with complete control over the item. These thrown items can be as small as a rock, or even a knife. The larger the item, the more difficult it is. Other powers that could be considered under this web are Force Jump, Inertia, and Speed
Scattering - Master - The art of taking one's force signature, and scattering it over a wide area. Making some look for her in one area, when she isn't there at all. As a hunter of men, and beasts, should one try and look for her and turn the tables, she can easily use this ability to keep herself out of harms way.
Force Invisibility - Master - The force can do many things. This being one of them, Artemis can render herself invisible to the naked eye. She can evade others, or enter and leave combat by popping in and out of existence.
Force Stealth - Master - Stealth is much like the ability of scattering. However instead of hiding by projecting your presence everywhere, This power is used to completely hide one's force sensitivity.
Force Sight - Proficient - The ability to see when blind, and to see force sensitive beings that would otherwise hide their force sensitivity. This ability is great for just about any hunter type, or just anyone who has had to deal with a few flashbombs to the face. More often than not, Artemis uses this ability when fighting to compensate for her lack of hearing in her right ear.
Force Track - Proficient - The ability to follow someone through this force. Using this ability can be used to find last people, or to hunt down someone who just slipped out of your grasp.
Telemetry - Proficient - A rare ability to some, it allows the user to touch a personal item, or something that was used during an event to be felt through the force, and show scenes of what transpired as though the user was actually there. As a previous bounty hunter, Artemis has had many uses for this ability.
Phase - Adept - Phase acts exactly like it sounds. The ability to phase through objects. This can allow Artemis to walk through walls and otherwise objects that she wants to move through that are in her way. The downside is that if she looses concentration upon this ability she could accidentally cause herself to come out of this, and thus injure or even kill herself.


Like Lightning

SR-2 Magnetic Repeater - A semi-automatic long range rifle used for very long distances eating up distance much like a sniper rifle. Artemis has attached a close range holo-sight to be used at closer distances that generally reach anywhere from 500-700 meters. Anything more and she can attach her scope to use the longer ranges when necessary.
AA-FSA Thorn - A flechete rifle that will be used in closer engagements. Likely anywhere under 500 meters should Artemis need it. What is even better about this weapon being a physical round, is that should she choose to focus on the round with the force, she can move and manipulate the bolt however she needs.
EX-1 Hardline - Owning two of these blasters, Artemis carries both on her thighs in magnetic holsters to prevent having to wear various belts and what not. Whats great about these weapons is that they can be easily replaced later after a fight, and one is white, the other is black. Named aptly Eos, and Erebus for the "Light" and "Dark" of the weapons.
Lightsaber - A single bladed, almost cyan colored lightsaber. Generally this weapon is worn on Artemis' belt, and is rarely used. Even the button to activate it is a little sticky at times.
Defender-Class Armor - Modified slightly to fit Artemis' frame, and worn with a cloak to "hide" herself just a bit. Her main set of armor, worn and used on a regular basis. The suit has been modified with Gravitas Series boots, and a Second sight upgrade to the HUD systems.


Like Lightning
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