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Art for unique items! :P

Son of Triam
It would appear that my very long time signature (in fact, the very signature that inspired the creation of this character in the first place!), has been broken!

Hopefully it's only temporary and it will return in due time, but just in case it isn't!

EDIT: Nvm, my Signature is fine, I just over reacted to a temporary down time for the host of my signature :p


... I'm actually kind of curious what sort of signatures other artists might make for Triam?

So, if you have an idea for a signature for Triam, go right ahead! I will select the one I like best, and in return provide a special something for each submission, crafted by Triam herself for a character of your choice!

Let's see some art! :)


Spirit of the Shadow Guard
You can use discord and link from there actually

Edit: Seems you mean its one of a kind and either want restoration or a new rendition nvm.