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Approved Tech ART-45 'Harbinger' Heavy Repulsor Tank

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Intent: To create a heavy frontline tank for the Galactic Empire.
Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Imperial Shipworks
Model: ART-45 Heavy Repulsor Tank
Affiliation: The Galactic Empire
Production: Mas Production
Material: Durasteel/Duraplast
Description: The AT-SA was not the only new vehicle of war to be designed for the Imperium. While a resounding success, it's sheer size rendered it, like the AT-AT, more of a siege unit than anything. For a highly mobile shifting battlefield something else was needed. A number of designs, including smaller walkers, tracked vehicles, and landspeeders, were submitted for review. The ART-45 (Armored, Repulsor, Tank) was the winner of the competition.

Designed for frontal assaults and high-speed breakthroughs the ART-45, dubbed "Harbinger" by the test pilots, excelled in almost every measurable aspect. The tank is heavily armored, able to withstand many shots against its forward facing armor, which is heavily sloped to minimize the vulnerability of the repulsor skis. Like with most repulsortanks, the ART-45 has a shield generator, though it is not terribly powerful (mostly it allows the tank relative immunity to small arms fire) and so most crews depend on their armor.

In keeping with the style of the Galactic Empire, the craft is extremely heavily armed and visually very imposing. The primary armament is a 120mm Mass Driver Railgun, basically a smaller version of the same weapon on the AT-SA. While extremely powerful at range and capable of dealing tremendous damage even to heavily armored walkers, the Railgun is limited by a slow rate of fire and the fact that it is fixed forward, forcing the whole tank to turn to aim (which isn't nearly as big an issue with repulsortanks as it is with tracked ones).

To compensate, a pair of heavy blaster cannons, capable of damaging or destroying light vehicles, were mounted on a turret, along with a pair of dedicated anti-armor missile launchers. Finally, a pair of Gatling Repeating Blasters provide anti-infantry support, and a set of 12 rockets mounted below the main gun allow for more effective assaults on fortifications and barricades.

While still a relatively quick vehicle, the ART-45 is quite slow for a repulsorcraft. This was intentional, to give the tank increased maneuverability, which was seen as more effective defensively than forward acceleration. Additionally, while it is fully capable of operating on almost any terrain, it is not a speeder by any account, and lacks the ability to make even short flights or jumps common to most such vehicles.

Overall, the ART-45 Harbinger is a very effective frontline heavy tank, designed to spearhead assaults and exploit breakthroughs on any battlefield.

Role: Heavy Armor
Height: 2.9m
Length: 10.8m
Width: 4.2m
Weight: 97 tons
Minimum Crew: 1, Pilot, but only for movement.
Optimal Crew: 5, Tank Commander, Pilot, Turret Gunner, Main Gunner, Loader
Propulsion: Repulsorlift Skis
Top Speed: 97 km/h, but this is incredibly taxing on the repulsor skis, and cruise speed is around 74 km/h.

  • 120mm Mass Driver Railgun

  • Twin Heavy Blaster Cannon Turret

  • 2 x Gatling Repeater Blaster

  • 2 x 4-pack ATGM Launcher

  • 12 x Short Range High Explosive Rockets
Passenger Capacity: None, it's cramped enough as is.
Cargo Capacity: Maybe a ton or two of personal effects can be crammed inside. Typically not much more than survival gear and a few sidearms are carried.
Misc. Equipment:
-Standard Tank Stuff
-Deflector Shield Generator
-Boiling Vessel and associated tea kettle. #swag


Lord Ghoul

make it a 120mm cannon. With all the other armament it would be too OPed.

No room for passengers at all. Squeezed or unsqueezed. Tanks have 0 wiggle room. Please edit for that as well.
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