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Arron Arnoch

Arron Arnoch

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I have rp'ed in several other places but not quite like this one, thanks ahead of time for putting up with me!

Name: Arron Arnoch

Faction: Jedi Order

Rank: Initiate

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Eyes: Deep aqua eyes with a hint of gold near the bottom

Hair: Arron sports a pompadour type haircut, short and a sandy blonde. ( an example would be mackelmores)

Skin: Caucasian

Sensitive to the force: yes

Strengths an weaknesses:
+/-) Vicious Combatant
+/-) Cautious Defender
-) Zero Tactitian skills
+) Street Smarts
+) Agile
-) lack of education
-) Rather bullheaded
+)Minor experiance with vibro swords and
+) Learnt to pilot at an early age
+/-) Former gladiator, nightmares of battle
-) Parents killed by sith
-) Overconfident
+) Parkour enthusiast
+) Smooth Talker
-) Smokes and drinks ( a little)
+) mechanic/engineer

Appearance: Arron stands at 6'8 with a muscular weight of 193lbs, his hair is in a pompadour cut, short and blonde. The right side of his face has a tattoo running down from under his eye to the middle of his neck; one of the different designs has a two in the center signifying his role as D'ruuba the hutts second favorite of his gladiators. A scar run across his face from the bottom left of his chin over his know and barely over his right eyebrow. (I will get a picture of his clothes up soon, gotta draw them first) his lower half is covered by a pair of baggy, khaki like pants tucked into a pair of black boots. Two belts around his weist sit, each starting at the back of his pants, handing around to the front.

Bio: Arron was born to a family on the outer rim, near sith territory. D'ruubathe hurt was in control of the small planet and was a tyrannical ruler; many died of starvation and from gang activity. Arron's father, Roderick, was a miner for a large company and was currently away. At this time Arron is 7, part of a 'play' gang with his friends, small battles happening where the two different gang beat on each other his other pass time was tinkering with mechanics and droids. When one day, the sith came. D'ruuba hired mandalore, bounty hunters and mercenaries to fend them off, since it was a small bunch D'ruubas larger numbers pushed them back. However Arron's mother was killed trying to keep the empires soldiers from their home, Arron hid under their home in their cellar. When he re a merged he discovered his mother dead from blaster fire, he cried horribly until his father; who heard of the attack returned to him. Years passed before the sith invaded again, for what purpose what's unknown to Arron. This time D'ruuba could not keep the invaders at bay an was pushed to half the planet. Arron's father suffered the same fate his mother had. Arron made it to D'ruubas palace and served under him for protection; when he reached age 14 he became a gladiator in D'ruubas games. While outside the battle turned more and more into the witha favor it took theming more years to take it, finally when he was 19 the republic came to help. During the coarse of the year he helped the republic as he could before they shipped him to Coruscant because of his connection to the force. Upon arrivin on Coruscant he received a will of his mothers and fathers stating he had inherited a Y8 mining vessel that was his fathers and a droid.

Kills: none

Well there he is, anything that needs to be fixed just tell me!

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