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Aros Varr; Heretic of Dathomir

Aros Varr


[Artistic Credit: http://anastasiyacemetery.deviantart.com/art/My-preciousssss-424336385 ]
NAME: Aros Varr
RANK: Apprentice
SPECIES: Dathomirian
AGE: 23
SEX: Androgynous
HEIGHT: 5' 12"
WEIGHT: 200lbs
EYES: Bright golden, yellow
HAIR: Silvery white
SKIN: Pale

+Voodoo Hoodoo: More Soon...
+Saber Dance: More Soon...
-Born To Be Different: More Soon...
-The Marked: More Soon...

Aros Varr, has the mistakable and uncanny face of a man but underneath the body of a slender and beautiful woman. Aros Varr is an androgynous woman but she is also a Dathomirian, and has the tattoos of her adulthood. One of the most noticeable is the all seeing eye scarred into her forehead and painted with gold paint. Varr's eyes burn with a Sith golden glow and her hair is a pale white that almost seems see-through in nature that glows in the light a silvery hue.

Aros Varr, was born Ejia Varr to a low ranking tribe subservient to the Witch Lord of the Misty Falls of Dathomir. Their family were low-class NightSisters who protected the sacred grounds from attacks by neighbouring smaller tribes. In her childhood, Ejia was considered an enigma. She held no certainty of herself, she often called herself by some strange third-person perspective, like saying "this one." She disregarded the gender roles of society, nothing was a barrier to her- she only sought out power. As she grew up the physical manifestations of this neutrality to rules came into being. Ejia had developed the slender and petite properties of a woman but her facial features and limbs developed into the façade of man- her latent androgynous characteristics were growing. At the time of her teenage years, the Witch Lord had passed away. The Witch Lord had many male partners and thus many, even her own sister, where in line to take the title. A brutal war ensued and Ejia along with her sister Aros Varr entered to claim the top prize.

Ejia's sister Aros Varr was the complete opposite in appearance, beautiful and naturally very feminine, she envied her female guile. But together they were an unstoppable duo, Ejia's Black Voodoo and superior blade skills, coupled with Aros' fearsome force manipulations made them a force to be reckoned with.

[More Soon...]

SHIP & Gear:
Longstaff Lightsaber



Forged by Flames,Tempered by Darkness [IN PROGRESS]
Aros Varr and Aros' master @[member="Darth Vornskr"], travel to Mustafar to acquire the Lava Crystal in the Low Crystal Caverns. Aros is tasked by the master to travel deep into the caverns and use the crystal to forge a lightsaber. There Aros gives in fully to the dark-side and learns to channel the force the heightened power.

First Impressions [IN PROGRESS]
Aros meets @[member="Grimm"] and @[member="Evelynn"] Dorn on Panatha

Destruction of Fonder [IN PROGRESS]
Aros Varr joins raid on Fondor Shipyards, and engages in combat with OP forces. Aros during the fight, takes on a OP soldier[@Miles Varden] and his E-web Tactical team.

Encounter on Korriban [IN PROGRESS]