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DISCLAIMER: Tools, weapons, armor, etc have their description credit owed to their original manufacturer. If the item is listed here, the alliance has been given access to it. Should a member of the alliance wish to use an item with a 'limited' production value, they must clear it with a faction leader first.

If you have technology to add to this list, post below, tag me, and it will be edited in shortly thereafter.

Rebel Battlenet

D-Tek: A complicated system designed to allow the alliance's forces an unparalleled level of unity in combat. Connects the entirety of the alliance's forces, ranging from singular soldiers to Super Star Destroyers. The D-Tek network is a revolutionary take of a BATTLENET system. Furthermore, it is secure enough that one would find it nearly impossible to hack into. D-Tek will be a key component in an overall Rebel victory.

Ranged Weapons

Inferos Class Disruptor Rifle - Disruptor rifle with a prismatic choke that turns it into a shotgun. Capable of taking out everything but a tank. (Limited use.)

BR-212 "Jackal" ACR - Highly adaptable, standard combat rifle with a micro grenade launcher fully capable of decimating buildings.

HG-54 "The Vora" Class Verpine Hand Cannon - Heavy Verpine hand gun capable of tracking shots, and more.

MG-966 "Hellfire" Class Verpine Shatter Gun - Many rounds, downrange, all silent and brutal. Whats not to love?

Tir Stunner - A highly effective Stun Blaster capable of even paralyzing Rancors.

SI-17 Stealth Blaster - Fires Completely Silent & Invisible Bolts

SI-74 Anti-Tank Rifle - Heavy Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle

VT-Needle Disruptor - A powerful disruptor that pierces all forms of armor including Phrik, Beskar, and Vonduun Crab Armor

VT-SI-19 Stealth Sniper Rifle - Completely silent and undetectable Sniper Rifle.

VT-SDC 13 - Ultimate Anti-Tank Weapon capable of piercing any armor.

VT-RAM Disruptor - Incredibly power Disruptor pistol capable of piercing even Beskar

VT-LRS Rifle - A long range high powered Armor Piercing rifle. Utilizes Special Ammunition.

VT-Sliid Gun - A Highly versatile dart gun using customize-able ammunition.

VT-Bolt Blaster - A pistol utilizing bowcaster technology.

VT-Planetary Defense Array - A powerful long range planetary defense weapon

VT-Particle Bow - A powerful energy bow made of phrik, used for fighting force users

VT-Particle SMG - A compact weapon used for fighting against Sith and Jedi, limited range


C-11 "Nastirci" Combat Knife - A small knife capable of blowing a massive hole in any stab wound; repeatedly.

VB-113 "Tidefall" Class Vibroblade - Lined with repulsorlifts, each strike can not only cut most opponents, but can send them flying too.


SI-HD Armor - Holographic Disguise Armor.

Asheran Armorweave - High Quality Lightsaber&Blaster Resistant Armorweave.

VT-Kinetic Impact Gel - Highly kinetic Resistant Underarmor.

VT-Shark Skin - Highly Flexible Asheran Armorweave.

VT-Vonduun Skerr Karamik - An anti force-user armor that renders the wearer resistant to the force..

VT-Grav Armor - A highly mobile light armor .

VT-Assault Armor - An incredibly reliant armor designed for vanguard deployment


SF-58 "Thunderbird" Class Star Fighter - Highly maneuverable, and modestly armed fighter for the skilled pilot.

Star Destroyers

Mephirium Class Battlecruiser - A particularly powerful variant of the Star Destroyer originally designed to be the Dominion's ship of the line. After the Dominion's fall, the Mepihium fleet was stowed away over the world of Meridies. These vessels are extremely heavily armed and shielded, though they lack much a fighter complement. A Mephirium is true fortress of the stars, and can outlast almost any other SD design you might find in the galaxy via sheer firepower and tankiness.


Exodus Class Strategic Bomber - A bomber with numerous tactical loadout options, and a very heavy payload.


GS-77 "Tsrotzhu" Class Multipurpose Gunship - Gunship made for deep cover missions, and mobile air support.


JC-747 "Nox" Class Raider Corvette - Stealth corvette for long range missions in enemy territory, with full cloaking capacity.


PCS-121 "Planet Cracker" Class PAC - Planetary assault carrier, capable of holding nearly 1 million droids.

SR-55 "Kitsana" Class Boarding Corvette - Impale an enemy capital ship, hammer on them with a cannon, and dump your load. Easy, right?


Velocity Class Waystation - Able to both monitor and secure all three of the main types of communication utilized in the galaxy.

Starship Components


SG-1012 "Waveform" Starfighter Shield - Shield that scales according to the amount of ships armed with it in an area.

SG-1113 "The Aegis" Class Shield Generator - The ultimate protection device, a shield that holds redundancy five times over, and shoots back.


HVC-369 "Covenant" Class Hyper Velocity Cannon - Anti-Personal Capital Grade weaponry, meant to pop a hole and kill a crew.

SIC-32 "Broadstroke" Solar Ionization Battery - Gatling styled battery capable of ignoring shields, and tearing armor apart.

BE-1313 "Gos Karza" Class Battery Emplacement - Technological adaptation of the Dovin Basal, but with smart missiles.


Acumen Electronic Suite - Able to be integrated into most armor systems, it allows for unparalleled sensory information.

Osseus Class ExoSkeleton - Less than traditional, an exoskeleton utilizing thousands of micro servos to achieve multiplied strength at a fraction of the size.

Xayinas Class Slicer Droid - An armor addition to create an over watching slicer droid for every purpose. Provide covering fire, or break into enemies systems, all at once.

SG-1001 "Vishnu" Military Shield - An armor add on protects its user many times over.

MV-18 "Force" Class Vambraces - Based on mandalorian designs, a weaponized multi-tool on the wrist.

B-11 "Greitis" Class Combat Boot - A high tech boot meant to enable soldiers full mobility and tactile response on the battlefield.

HH-78 "Huckleberry" Class Holster - A holster that shoots for you; pretty cool right?

ND-012 "Ri Qorit" Disabler - Kill those pesky Ysalamiri before they become a problem, all with this.

VT-Spark Gauntlet - A glove that replicates the effects of force Lightning.

VT-Grav Glove - Repulse Glove that Mimics Force Push/Pull

VT-Repulse Glove - A Cousin of the Grav Glove capable of reflecting and pushing things away.

VT-Bacta Glove - A powerful tool for medics and surgeons that allows near instant healing of most wounds.

VT/ATC-Jumpkit - A piece of equipment that allows one to mimic the agility of force users

Directed Charge - Anti-Personnel Armor explosive.

VT-Disruptor Lens - Lightsaber Modification that allows one to cut through Yuuzhan Vong Amphistaffs and Vonduun Skerr Kyrric * Requires Thread,

VT-Observation Satellite - A reconnaissance satellite launched from any ship to be used by ground troops.

VT-Portable Shield Generator - A powerful mobile shield generator.

VT-CERS - Cybernetics capable of enhancing strength, speed, and reaction time.

VT-DB Datapad - An extremely durrable Datapad..

VT-FD Mask - A mask capable of locating and detecting force users in line of sight.

VT-Disruption Cutter - A tool capable of cutting more efficiently and effectively than a Plasma Cutter.

VT-Morp Knife - A blade designed to disable large foes.

VT-Bulwark - A personal shield that can be attached to most armors.

VT-Citadel Pod - A dropable shield generator, much more powerful and larger version of the PSG.

VT-Neural Band - A tool that disrupts the effects of mentalism and secures ones mind.

VT-Syra Slug - A living biot that seals wounds and allows for continued fighting after injury


RB-02 "Salt" Rounds - Radioactive rounds who's payload can last centuries, effectively ruining anyone who's hit by the bullet.

Hel Class Bio Slug - Force dead slug that infests a target, and breeds inside of them.


Chrysalis - One of the most potent drug enhancements for soldiers on the field. A second wind in an injection.

XY - A gender reassignment drug. For accepting yourself, parties, or espionage. Just do whatever you want.